A guide to Data Recovery

What is Data Recovery?

Data is the most important and precious thing in this era. This data is very necessary to be kept intact if it is of use in the future. But due to some or the other circumstances occurring due to mistakes, wrong handling and mishaps the data gets lost or tampered with. This puts the very user of the information in an epic dilemma as to how to get the data back. What is Data Recovery?

This need for restoring and re-accessing the data gave rise to the discovery of data recovery services. Many IT experts then laid emphasis on solving the mystery of data recovery and achieved certain ways in which the data can be recovered even after getting lost or deleted up to some extent. Data recovery is nothing but the recovery of the data lost.

But how can data be lost? What are the ways in which data can be recovered? Is it possible to recover the data in all the conditions of its loss? All these questions will be answered in detail in the article that follows.

There is a dire need to understand the meaning of data loss in its proper sense. Data lost by deleting a file on the computer system is not data loss. It can be recovered easily by visiting the recycle bin and clicking the restore button. Whereas a damaged hard drive can also be recovered in some cases, if the inner drive platters of it are not broken or tampered. Data loss occurs when the data cannot be accessed from the problem device. The reasons that are responsible for such data recovery failures can be logical and physical. Let us look at these reasons in detail:

Physical Reasons:

It is evident from the name of the heading that the reasons like these are those where the drives are broken partially or fully. This can be due to an accidental fall of the device or mistakes on the part of the user in failing to keep it in a safe place. Such situations give birth to taking the device to the data recovery experts for the purpose of looking at the possibility of recovery of data. The experts then have a look at the device to see whether the main components storing the information are functional or not. These reasons are external in nature. They are caused due to the external harm caused to the device that hampers the inner data on the device.

Logical reasons:

These are the reasons that happen when the file corrupts, the OS failure happen or the registry gets damaged. The device still appears on the bus and the disk management profile, but the user is unable to access it. These logical reasons make it hard for the user to access the data and approach the data recovery experts for the resolution of the problem. Such problems are bound to be solved by the experts as the inner data is safe and can be recovered by running some useful commands once the reason for the problem of data unavailability gets deduced.

Dedicated data recovery experts and recovery experts are the go-to persons that look into the problem carefully and solve such problems with pure professionalism.

Data recovery:

All the electronic devices that store data have one thing in common. It is the electric circuits and the components on which they work. These electronic places are the area that can be used to recover data even when the device has stopped working properly or is damaged that it cannot be started again. The dedicated data recovery experts look for this segment of the devices to run it again on the other devices. Data recovery can be done on a number of storage devices

The data recovery techniques look for the desired files around the damaged files that can be accessed to recover the data successfully.

The process of data recovery is not simple at all. There are thousands of cases that are sent to the data recovery experts for resolution and not all can be re-accessed but this is the job of the data recovery expert, to recover data from the hard cases too.

Most mechanical storage devices (Hard Drives) are manufactured just the same. These storage device has platters of metal oxide rings created on the hard drive that spins. The read and write actuator arms, writes or reads the data in extremely close areas of the platter. These arms and platters when they fail cause the problem of improper reading or writing of the data and gives rise to the data reading and writing issues. This damages can be permanent or temporary in nature.

Another contributing factor to the complex recovery of data situations is the manufacturing of the hard drives is done in such a way that more and more data is made to be stored in the small platters of the magnetic area. This makes the process of data recovery a time consuming and complex task as the platters should be scanned carefully.

Though the data is deleted permanently by the users on the hard drive, it is not deleted permanently and continues to appear on the hard drive. It is this feature that allows the data recovery experts to run data recovery tools and service options to recover the data successfully even after its deletion. The data recovery tools are the result of strong, detailed and powerful algorithms put inside them that are made to run on the damaged hard disk to list all the entries that have been marked deleted on the device. The master boot record is at work here that help in listing all the files that have been deleted from the system and the status of their recovery from the system, which gives the expert the starting point for manually piecing the data back together.

However, not all the cases are capable of being recovered. Cases where the files are infected with a Trojan or destructive viruses, the recovery become very difficult and the dedicated data recovery experts should then be approached to see whether anything can be done to recover the data from such devices or not.

What can be done to keep the data safe?

The following ways can help the user in keeping the data safe:

  • Cloud space storage
  • Backup drive
  • OS utility to store files

Cloud space is a virtual space created where the information of the user gets stored and can be recovered or collected with the internet access. Backup drives are the devices that are kept as a prudent data collector that can be used in the case of data loss. Inbuilt OS utility is the facility that allows the files to get stored in the system safely apart from the usual saving of the files. This allows the files to be re-accessed even when the primary file gets damaged.

With the technological advances, the virtual cloud spaces can be used very effectively in storing the data on a server that can be accessed all over the world for accessing data with authorized permissions.

Creation of a backup not only makes the options of data recovery better, but they also make sure that the functions of the user are not hampered in between. The operation of the hard drives and burning of data to the CDs and DVDs ensure that the data can be recovered at a proper time.

Updating of data weekly ensures that immediate data mishaps can be treated if the primary system goes corrupt.

A list of the devices that are capable of data recovery by experts:

  • USB
  • Flash Drive
  • Hard Disk Drive
  • Solid state drive
  • SD cards or Memory cards
  • iPhone Device
  • Smartphones
  • Android OS
  • Laptops
  • Backup Drive
  • Digital Camera
  • Samsung Mobile Phone
  • External hard drive
  • Tablets

Different devices need different approaches to be adopted for solving the issues. For example, some android devices need rooting before the operation of recovery can be performed on these Android devices.


The user should not try to open the files again and again from the damaged hard drive. This will only make the situation worse and the data recovery could be made impossible. The usage of the mythical “freezing method” is going to worsen the situation as the user might think that keeping the drive in the freezer and recovering all the important data can be an option but such things seldom work. This method can negate all of the ways in which the data could have been recovered. Therefore, the user must not try the FREEZING METHOD.


Though closely related, data recovery and data repair are two different terms. Data deletion of files occurs when the file is not seen on the device at all and the experts perform the functions from various tools to get the file back. Whereas, data repair is the temporary unavailability of the data and that can be resurrected with the help of running several low level and complex commands on the device. Data repair utility commands and tools help in data repair and the files become ready to be used again.

The scope of Data Recovery

Data recovery is a blessing to all the users that face the situation of data loss and see no way out when the important data gets locked in the damaged devices. Dedicated data recovery experts see a very bright career in this field as the job is not only challenging in its very nature but rewarding too. The job comprises of recovering the data that has been lost or hampered with numerous types of reasons. Each case is a special one in its own sense and requires a different approach altogether. It is the passion of the data recovery experts that have made them capable of recovering the data even from devices where it’s thought to have been impossible to recover.

To sum it up we can say

Data can be lost at any time due to any reason. The real-time working situations can allow the data to be lost due to n number of reasons. Some reasons have been listed above in the article. This makes the user stay at a constant risk of losing the data. Such a threat can be materialistic in nature as the amount of data that the user keeps with him/her can be very important. The data on which the banks work, the data on which the big organisations’ work holds immense importance as the data is needed on a daily basis on which the employees of the work. If this data gets lost or even a small part of it is also lost, then the functions of the organisations or private individuals are hampered. This could mean a huge amount of loss to these organisations.

Such challenges in the real life make it evident to have certain people, those who are equipped and smart enough to rescue and recover the data and devise ways in which the data can be recovered even after it is lost by the user. This very nature of the data recovery experts makes them practical, taking challenges, solving problems that seem difficult to solve and constant learners. Data recovery is becoming a very important concept in the modern era and it will hold much more importance in times to come as everything will be run on electronic media and such devices would then need repair and recovery. This is the essence of data recovery.