How can Computer Recovery Services help you?

Data stored within computers and laptops is something that holds a great deal of importance. This is because computers and laptops provide a huge amount of storage that allows the businesses, organisations and private individuals alike to store these data sets in a single place. Though the systems are kept safe with the help of antivirus and backup programs, there are a number of cases that reflect that the devices still get damaged, wiped, hacked and are under a constant threat of data loss. What is Computer Data Recovery?

The devices we commonly receive for Data Recovery Services are:

All these items are capable of being restored. Any problem that the user confronts can be taken to the data recovery experts such as Lost Memories – Data Recovery and it will be addressed and recovered properly and professionally. Computers are complex devices. Damaged computers or hard drives, formatted content, deleted files, corrupted and lost files, all these non-functioning systems are the things that can be assisted with submitted to a data recovery lab by the user. It is assured that the services that are offered are going to be fully professional and confidential in nature.

Free of charge assessments are always carried out.

The Lab and the experts alike at Lost Memories do not require any charges or fees for looking into the problem and assessing for the submitting client. We offer support for all models, makes and types. The experts will do the free evaluation of the system and then pin point the problems in order to provide a no obligation quotation. It is then incumbent upon the user to either take the decision of moving further or stop there. These types are as follows:

  • Desktop PC
  • Apple Mac
  • Mac Book
  • Internal or External Hard Drive
  • USB Pen Drive
  • SD or Micro SD Memory Cards
  • Digital Camera

The support is for all types of computer operating systems. Some of these operating systems are:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Apple OS
  • Mac OS

It is very easy to delete the files from a system but not that easy to get it back. The problems of the computer systems can be formatted drives and the partitions. Also damaged, broken and unresponsive hard drives, memory card recovery, Virus/Ransomware, broken/unresponsive system and ‘Bricked’ devices are some of the common problems that the users face.

All these problems can be resolved only and only when the user approaches a data recovery lab who not only looks into the possible reasons for the problem, but also charts out a process in which the problem can be solved. Each problem is different in itself and hence different approaches are adopted by the data recovery expert to solve it.

Many individuals hold the view that by downloading some software and running it on their systems it can help them recover their lost files. Simple problems are occasionally solved by the software, but in most cases, such things do not work as hoped and can cause more problems than initially encountered, often the computer system does not even work properly and the installation of the software itself is not possible and increases the chance of the data being overwritten . It is necessary to consult a data recovery expert as these Teams know intricacies as well as the the nook and cranny of the problems and solution. The expert knows that overwriting can take place when a number of programs are run to recover the files and hence they user external devices to stop the writing of data to the drive in question and recover the data.

What to do once the user knows the system needs to be recovered?

It is imperative for the user to stop using the device and doing anything on one’s own without knowing the actual reason behind the improper working or fault of the file or the system as a whole.

The next step should be to look for an expert who is capable of dealing with the issue. The expert should be experienced and well-versed with these things so that the data and the computer are in the safe hands. It is also important to make sure that the data recovered would be kept confidential as this privacy is paramount in all cases.

The expert should then be allowed to perform the operations and the solution of the problem should be accepted. It is sometimes not possible on the part of the expert to recover the whole data. Only a chunk of it can be recovered. In such cases, the consent of the operator is necessary and the user must decide what should be done with the device.

Proper backup should be kept. If the data holds importance to the user then it should be saved either in a cloud space or a hard drive. This is because even in the cases of data deletion or corruption, it can be taken up from that source and the functioning of the daily working is not affected. Cloud storage is the best way to back up data as this can be accessed from various servers worldwide just with the access of internet in the system. The chances of losing this data are less as everything is saved up virtually in a drive.