Advanced Recovery and how it can help you

There are certain issues that are not related directly to the recovery of data from mobile phones or computers. These problems are related with Servers, PIN Protection on Handsets, Password Protection on Computers, Recovery of RAID systems, Secure Deletion, In System Programming (ISP) Recovery methods, eMMC Direct Reads, chip-off, JTAG etc. What is Advanced Data Recovery?

These problems are complex in nature and require a totally different approach and much higher levels of expertise and competence to solve these problems and only dedicated data recovery experts will be able to assist.

Free Evaluation

The great thing about Lost Memories – Data Recovery is that the experts which the users submit to look into the problem of the data recovery and then they provide the estimation of charges through a no obligation quotation. It is then the prerogative of the customer to decide whether proceed or to stop the data recovery service.

PIN Protected:

Many devices are locked or PIN protected and the users forget the PIN. PIN protected devices are usually those that are highly confidential in nature and the information cannot be shared with others at any cost. In such a case where the PIN has been lost or forgotten, the data recovery agents use specialist techniques and tools that they have in order to solve the problems related to PIN and decode it to recover the files kept inside the secure protection of the device.

Due to the Bespoke nature of many of these services, it is advisable to get in touch for free of charge advice. If the required recovery involves – Data Recovery for Servers, PIN or Security Protected Handsets, Password Protected Computers or Laptops, Recovery & Reconstruction of RAID systems, Secure Deletion of Data, In System Programming (ISP) Recovery methods from Mobile Phones, eMMC Direct Reads, chip-off extraction or JTAG etc. Contact us today.

Precautions that can be taken:

There are certain points that can be considered or attention can be paid to make sure that the problems like the above do not occur. It is usually the same for all the cases.

  • The first thing is keeping the information saved on a cloud space. A problem with online servers seldom occurs. The data is safe and secure on the server and cannot be accessed by random people when the correct security settings are applied.
  • Another point that matters is proper monitoring of the system. Just having anti-virus software and a firewall in the system does not make the system free from the potential risks of getting hacked and ransomware. It should be monitored properly from time to time so that the risks can be mitigated.


Things can go unexpectedly wrong with digital systems. They can be complex in nature and the user will be unable to safely attempt data recovery themselves. These are the cases when the Data Recovery Experts at Lost Memories have your back to set things right.