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Windows 10 has certainly brought back the public’s faith in Microsoft. The operating system is well-received by IT experts and casual computer users alike. It’s not surprising that there are an estimated half a billion active Windows 10 users. Despite the popularity of Windows 10, it doesn’t mean that this OS is spared from data loss problems. It’s a good thing that there are several Windows file recovery options available for Microsoft customers who’ve lost their data.

Top Causes of Windows Data Loss

Hard Drive Crash

A Hard drive crash is considered one of the most common and devastating causes of data loss on Windows. It is defined as the malfunctioning of a hard drive, rendering the information stored on it inaccessible.

 There are two causes of hard drive crash — a physical failure which is due to malfunction of the hard drive and logical hard drive failure wherein the operating system doesn’t boot despite the hard drive fully functional.

 In a hard drive undergoing physical failure, the drive makes noises like clicking, grinding, or whirring sound. The good news is that even if the hard drive is malfunctioning, there is still a chance that the data is accessible and recoverable.

 Meanwhile, a logical failure in a hard drive can be due to factors such as a virus, software malfunction, human error, or system drive conflict. When this kind of hard drive failure happens, users should not attempt to run operating system tools as these can only make the problem worst. Even reinstalling Windows won’t help at all.


Human Errors

 To err is to human, as they say. This statement rings true for many Windows users who have lost precious data because of their actions.

 Human errors can be in the form of a person inadvertently clicking the Delete button resulting into data loss. Or it can be due to the user failing to back up data which leads to the failure to recover stolen data from a PC.

 Even system administrators who regularly back up their data may still fall prey to errors. For instance, backup administrators may ignore persistent backup errors which prove to be critical after data has been stolen or lost.


Viruses and Malware

 While Windows 10 has been equipped with numerous built-in tools against viruses and other types of malware, the sad truth is that the OS is still not completely protected.  This is very much true for people who don’t regularly upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10.

 Viruses and other types of malware not only steal data like credit card information; these can also slow down a computer. Think of these malicious files operating like wildfire and causing complete damage to important data. This underlines the need to have a good antivirus program; one that is always updated.


Corrupt directory

 Corrupted directories on Windows 10 can be a big headache because these will prevent the user from accessing his/her files. Some of the issues that are associated with corrupted directories include corrupted or unreadable file or folder, or when the system flashes an error system requiring the user to run a chkdsk utility on the C drive.


Windows 10 Forced/Automatic Update

 As mentioned earlier, updating the version of Windows 10 is critical particularly in protecting the system against viruses and other malware types. But there is also the downside to this because it can lead to data loss especially if the user is not expecting the update.

 Upgrading to the latest version of Windows 10 is highly recommended but this should not be done without backing up data first. However, there are instances when Windows forces updating of the OS resulting in a lot of unexpected troubles to its users. It is not uncommon for Windows 10 users to find their whole file folders deleted or game files disappear from the computer.


Power Outage

 Finally, a sudden power outage is bad news for Windows 10 users especially those who are transferring files or using a particular software. In most scenarios, power outage can bring severe data loss and damage. For instance, files like Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel charts being edited when the power outage happens can get corrupted or lost.

 There are also situations wherein the new changes for existing files are not kept. Error messages like “You need to format the disk before you can use it” may also appear after a power outage.

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The Best Solution to Windows File Recovery


All the scenarios mentioned above can all lead to Windows data loss. The good news is that there is one foolproof way to recover data.

 The use of a Windows file recovery program may be the first thing that would come into a PC user’s mind when he loses data on his computer. It can be very tempting to download, install, and try a third-party data recovery tool. After all, the user simply has to click a few buttons, and the software would do its thing.

 But the effectiveness of these file recovery programs is questionable. Moreover, PC users can’t be sure that these online tools are free from malicious files that can harm their computers.


 If you are one of those people who lost data on a Windows powered computer, do yourself a favour and avoid using a third-party data recovery tool. Instead, bring your computer to a known data recovery service company like Lost Memories – Data Recovery which has the technology to safely retrieve your lost information.

 Furthermore, we won’t charge you any amount unless it has successfully retrieved your data. We offer a free assessment of the corrupted hard drive or PC.  

Indeed, Windows 10 is well-loved around the world, but it doesn’t mean that it is spared from data loss issues. If you are in need of a Window file recovery help, forget about using a recovery tool or program. Instead, seek the services of Lost Memories – Data Recovery.

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