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How to Recover Deleted Files from USB | USB Data Recovery

If you are looking for a convenient way to carry your data around with you then the chances are very high that the likelihood is you own one or more USB thumb or Flash drives as either are excellent for this purpose. USB drives are portable and serve as a good storage media to retrieve and store files from different computing systems. With a USB you can easily read, copy, transfer and save data from one system to another. They are widely used and taken anywhere, oftentimes without sticking to the necessary safety measures which make it prone to hardware or software damage and sometimes the accidental deletion of files which necessitates the need to recover deleted files from USB.


Lost Memories is reputable for its data recovery services from all data storage devices and in particular items such as USB drives which have been used to access, save or backup data from another system. Our technical experts are versatile in their skills and techniques and often carry out USB Data Recovery Services for both private customers and businesses alike with the aid of state-of-the-art data recovery and digital forensic technologies. We regularly recover deleted files from USB; hence adherence to our instructions is necessary to make the process easy and swift. Our technical experts provide all the necessary guidelines on how to recover deleted files from USB when you contact us.

Lost or Corrupted File Recovery from USB

We extract files from physically damaged or formatted USB, so it doesn’t matter if your USB is in a sorry state. Sometimes, the data in the USB could get corrupted due to unsafe ejection practice from a system, and this makes it difficult to extract data without professional help. So, we mostly request for the USB drive to be shipped to us to start off the process of free of charge assessment and subsequent data recovery following a no obligation quotation.

Out technical experts offer a diagnostic analysis of the recoverable data before processing the order placed to recover deleted data from USB which we feedback to our clients to make an informed decision. Apart from our expertise on how to recover deleted files from USB, we also work on recovering files that were partially overwritten and lost data from reformatted or corrupted USB Pen Drives. It is important to note that we recover deleted files from USB drive as well as ensuring the data isn’t compromised.

Your data is secure with us and the retrieved files from your USB will not be disclosed to any unauthorized third party. We do not allow any recovered file to be copied or shared to uncontrolled sources as we respect the confidentiality of our client’s data.

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Recover Deleted Photos with Expert Assistance from Lost Memories – Data Recovery

We completely understand and sympathise with the pains of losing important files and strive to ensure all the lost data is safely recovered. Our experts have unique insight and experience in handling all types of USB media as requested by our large and varied client base. Data can be recovered from the USB in any condition, even snapped, trodden on or on occasion smashed to smithereens.

At Lost Memories, we are familiar with the common problems associated with damaged or faulty USB and provide efficient and cost-effective recovery of all the lost or deleted files accordingly. We provide quick, reliable, and highly competitive pricing and services to the delight of our clients.

The recovered files can be retrieved from the USB drive securely to the Cloud (for expedited recovery and delivery), a Hard Drive or other storage media of your choice.

So next you’re in a situation where you need to urgently know how to recover deleted files from USB, don’t tamper with the drive or attempt home recovery techniques to avoid complicating the problem.

Simply get in touch and we will assist with it immediately.

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