SD Card Recovery

Recover Data from an SD Card


For many people, SD and micro SD cards represent years of gathering and accumulating photos and videos. From cameras to smartphones to tablets, these memory cards contain precious files. And more importantly, these memory cards carry memories that users want to keep for the rest of their lives.

SD Card Recovery

Unfortunately, SD and micro SD cards are very prone to damage, accidental formatting, and corruption. All these scenarios can lead to loss of data. These memory cards, too, don’t have the longest lifespan, so it’s quite normal for said devices to get damaged or corrupted after a certain period of usage.

SD cards have become even more important in today’s digital age. It’s arguably the most convenient and affordable storage media option today. It not only provides higher storage capacities, with some high-end models offering 512GB of storage; SD cards also have encryption capabilities to protect content. Moreover, this type of storage device can offer high transfer speed for faster transferring of files.

The small and unassuming SD card along with its smaller brother, the micro SD card, have become very indispensable items for many people around the world. After all, these small devices serve as additional storage for mobile phones, tablets, and cameras. Important data such as photos, videos, music, documents, and game files are typically stored on SD and micro SD cards.

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SD Card Recovery

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Reboot your device

Whether the corrupted SD card is inserted in a camera or smartphone, you can try to fix the issue by rebooting the device first.  Most of the time, it can correct the problem. But if it fails, try the other tips below.


Remove the write protection

One cause of an SD card becoming inaccessible is the write protection enabled on the card. Check if that’s the case in your card and if so, simply remove the protection.


Run an anti-virus program

SD card may also malfunction because it has been infected by a virus. Therefore, you can try running anti-virus software on the card. The program will scan the card and check if there are viruses on it. The software should also delete the virus.


Repair the bad sectors – proceed with caution

There’s also the possibility that the SD card was corrupted because it has bad sectors. You can try to repair those by running an error-checking tool on your PC. Try the inbuilt CHKDSK tool on Windows-based PC, for instance.


How to tell if your SD Card requires Recovery or Repair

Your SD card is likely to be damaged if you notice any of these signs:

Most of the photos or videos stored on the card are missing

An error message appears: ‘SD card is not accessible.’

No folder appears when you attempt to access the SD card.

In case there are folders, you still can’t open them. Or there could be error messages like ‘Read/Write error on SD card’ indicating that your device cannot read from the card.

You can view contents of the SD card, but you are unable to copy or transfer them.

Your device like phone, tablet or PC can recognize the SD card, but you can’t see any stored file.

You can’t add, copy, save or delete anything in the card.

Recover Your Precious Files with the Help of Lost Memories – Data Recovery

There is a better, safer way of recovering corrupted files on an SD or micro SD card; this is with the expert assistance of Lost Memories Data Recovery.

We specialise in retrieving data from unresponsive or corrupted SD cards. We can recover data from physically damaged memory cards. Even cards which were damaged by water can still be salvaged by the experts of Lost Memories.

We can recover data from any kind of memory card type, from SD cards, micro SD cards, miniSD cards, and multimedia cards. It can also salvage data from xD cards, Stick Pro and Sony Memory Sticks.

Lost Memories Data Recovery UK implements a no data, no charge policy. This means you don’t have to pay the company if it is not successful in retrieving the data lost or damaged.  When you bring the damaged SD card to Lost Memories Data Recovery, the firm will assess the corrupted hardware and determine the best course of action for the retrieval and or rescue of the lost data.

To sum things up, the SD card has become a very important item for many people these days. It may be small, but it contains precious files such as photos and videos.  And just like any digital device, the SD card is prone to damage or corruption which can lead to data loss.

The best way to recover files from a corrupted SD card is to seek the intervention of a reputable data recovery firm such as Lost Memories. You will be assured of successful retrieval of your data without the hassles and risks associated with using a third-party SD card data recovery tool or non-expert recovery attempts.

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