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Deleted photo recovery has become such a pressing concern in today’s generation who grew up in the digital age. As smartphones and tablets have been equipped with the most powerful cameras, there is no longer the need to own an expensive digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera to capture any moment. Whether it’s a special celebration like birthday parties or weddings or a simple get-together, any event can be recorded for posterity.


But not even the most powerful smartphones like an iPhone X are safe from certain circumstances that can lead to photo and data loss. Virus infections, memory card corruption, and human errors are some of the more common causes of photo loss. Fortunately, there are some deleted photo recovery options that one can try to retrieve those precious files.

Top Causes of Photo Deletion

There are different causes of photo deletion. Arguably the most common is human error or accidental deletion.

 In accidental deletion, the individual deletes the photos stored in a smartphone, tablet, or camera by accidentally pressing on the wrong buttons. Although most digital devices used for storing images have a prompt for confirming the deletion of photos, there are still instances when the individual unintentionally confirms the action.

 One possible scenario is when the smartphone’s screen is on active mode while the phone is kept on the pockets. The movement of the user will lead to the inadvertent pressing of the delete keys, resulting to the deletion of photos. The clueless user, meanwhile, would only realize that he had accidentally deleted his precious images because his phone screen was active all along.

 Parents who let their toddlers use their smartphones or tablets are also at risk of losing their precious digital photos. A toddler fiddling with his mom’s iPhone can accidentally erase photos. By the time the mother gets hold of her phone, the photos have been erased and possibly without the mom knowing it at all.

 Accidental deletion of photos is just one form or example of data loss due to human error. According to a recent Data Loss Statistics survey by Boston Computing Network, up to 29% of data loss is caused by human error.

 Virus or malware infections are also common causes of photo deletion. Viruses, ransomware, and other malware types can cause different kinds of damage to a computer, storage device, or mobile device. And a common problem that emerges due to malware infection is a loss of data, including deletion of photos.

 One usual scenario that often leads to virus infection is when an SD card from a digital camera is inserted into the memory card port of a PC. People usually do this because they want to transfer the photos stored in the SD card into the PC, which typically has higher storage.

 However, if the PC is infected with a virus or malware, then the SD card will be exposed to it. There’s the possibility that the virus or malware will wipe out the data on the SD card.

 Memory cards such as SD and micro SD cards can also be corrupted. This often happens when the memory card is pulled out of the camera without switching off the latter.

 There are several signs that the memory card has been corrupted.  The card may not readable to a phone, tablet, or camera.  Or some files are visible while others are ‘lost.’  Sometimes, the data can be retrieved but there are also instances when the user has no option but to format the card which means erasing all the data on it.

 Using a camera or smartphone to capture photos while in low battery mode can also lead to photo loss.  The camera or phone may die while taking photos, and there’s the likelihood that the most recent photo taken would not be saved. Also, using a camera while it is in low battery mode can also lead to data loss.

 Since data loss including deletion of photos is a real threat, regular backing up of photos is highly recommended. Doing so can make it easy to recover digital photos in the event of data loss.


But even if photos have been deleted from a memory storage device, computer, smartphone or a tablet, there is still one way to recover all those important files–with the assistance of data recovery experts such as Lost Memories – Data Recovery.

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Lost Memories – Data Recovery is one of the more reputable data recovery firms in the country. It has the technology that can aid people in getting back their deleted photos, whether these files were previously stored on a memory card or in the hard disk drive of a computer.

 We have technicians who are expertly trained in restoring photos from unresponsive smartphones, whether it runs on Android or iOS. Our experts are also capable of recovering photos from corrupted USBs, memory cards, computers or Hard Drives. Recovered photos can be stored to a hard drive, memory stick, DVD, CD or even to the Cloud for faster recovery and delivery to the client.

 We also specialise in retrieving data from damaged, broken, or unresponsive hard drives whether it is a mechanical or solid-state drive type. These storage devices present more serious challenges in retrieving files because of their complex and precarious nature, but Lost Memories – Data Recovery has the technical know-how to pull off the job.


Restoring deleted photos is a serious concern for many people who have accidentally removed their digital images or have fallen prey to virus or malware infections as well as memory card corruption.

 The good news is that there are data recovery firms that specialise in recovering deleted photos, whether stored on a storage device like a USB card or memory card or on the internal hard drive of a PC. Lost Memories – Data Recovery is one of those reputable companies with a good and successful track record of recovering lost data on the majority of digital devices.

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