RAID Recovery Services

Server, NAS, VM & RAID Data Recovery Services

Hard disk drives and solid state disk RAID arrays are now frequently used to store vital information due to the speed and data redundancy options that they offer the end user. When they fail it can be potentially disastrous for a business and a stressful situation even for the most experienced IT professional. Reconstruction of a failed RAID array requires extremely high levels of expert knowledge of both system controllers and filesystems. Lost Memories – Data Recovery offers data recovery for all Server, NAS (Network Attached Storage), VM (Virtual Machine) and RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) configurations, our RAID Recovery Services offer data recovery and RAID Reconstruction for all RAID setups

RAID Recovery Services

In case of a RAID / Server failure, Shut down the server immediately!

We specialise in RAID recovery – restoring mission-critical data from all server and drive manufacturers that may have suffered:

Damaged RAID Configs

RAID Controller Failure

Failed System Upgrade

Corrupt Partition Table

Server Not Booting

Inaccessible Drive(s)

Clicking Drives

Damaged Striping

Formatted Drives

Multiple HDD Crashes

Fire Damage

Water Damage

We completely understand the extreme critical nature of these types of system failures and offer unbeatable expedited turnaround times. Depending on their configuration RAID arrays can usually tolerate a single drive failure without impact on the server’s availability on your network.

However, if more than one drive fails, the server more often than not will no longer boot. You can try to recover the data yourself, though we have frequently seen first hand whereby this type of well intended intervention resulting in permanent data loss.

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RAID Recovery Services

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What is RAID Recovery

“RAID” is now used as an umbrella term for computer data storage configurations that can divide and replicate data among multiple hard disk drives this is for increased speed of data transfer, a higher level of data redundancy or in a lot of cases, both.

Our RAID Recovery offers data recovery and RAID Reconstruction for all RAID setups, including :

RAID 0 – Striped disks

RAID 1 – Mirrored disks

RAID 5 – Striped disks with parity

RAID 6 – Striped disks with dual parity

RAID 10 – Stripe and Mirror


The different configurations are named by the word RAID followed by a number, as in RAID 0, RAID 1, etc. The various designs involve two key design goals: increase data reliability or increase input/output performance. When multiple physical disks are set up to use RAID technology, they are said to be in a RAID array. This array distributes data across multiple disks, but the array is seen by the computer user and operating system as one single disk.

RAID can be set up to serve several different purposes including increased performance and redundancy with the ability to allow large multi-terabyte storage volumes.

Lost Memories – Data Recovery have the capacity and technical expertise required to solve complex, challenging RAID recoveries for all data storage levels from RAID 0 through to RAID 10 and even RAID 51! We can provide unmatched proprietary capabilities and resources when a RAID data recovery service is required.

Our RAID recovery capabilities don’t just stop at NTFS Based RAIDs; we also have extensive capabilities with MAC (Xsan & Xserve), UNIX, FAT and VMware RAIDs. Our engineers are fully competent RAID data recovery specialists.

Free Evaluation – No Data, No Charge

Although highly fault tolerant, RAID configured storage systems & devices can fail due to many reasons. These include component failure (including hard drives and controller cards), operating and application corruption, partition recovery, but most commonly, simple user error, leaving the data inaccessible. RAID data is extremely complex and data configurations numerous – such as striped, volume, spanned etc. Manufacturers also add complexity with unique configurations and virtual partitions. Successful RAID data recovery relies on pattern recognition and understanding the array configuration, the file system on the data array, what the problem is and why the array failed in the first place.

We can recover virtually any RAID system, from home NAS to Enterprise RAID. We routinely recover from the following:

Dell Poweredge RAID

HP Proliant RAID

Legacy Compaq RAID

Fujitsu Primergy RAID

Lenovo ThinkServer


Apple X Server

SuperMicro RAID

Adaptec RAID


3 Ware RAID


Promise RAID


Buffalo RAID

Synology RAID

Iomega RAID


Western Digital RAID

G-Technology RAID

Netgear ReadyNAS


Iomega Storcenter

Bespoke / Custom RAID build

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