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Losing digital photos can be heartbreaking especially if the images were accumulated through the years.  Imagine losing your photos from a holiday in the Bahamas or from your daughter’s wedding? It can be very disheartening, to say the least.


People who’ve lost their digital photos for whatever reason often go online and look for a photo recovery software in the hopes that using one can help them retrieve their precious files. But as you will learn from this article, using a photo recovery program isn’t the best route to go if you want to restore your lost digital files.


Simply put, there are many risks associated with the use of a free photo recovery software. It would make more sense if you go to a professional data recovery company to retrieve lost digital images.

Disadvantages of Free Data Recovery Software

You can’t be blamed if you try to use free data recovery software. Being a bargainer or a savvy-shopper is understandable given the high prices of goods and services these days. But as they say, you get what you paid for.


Since you are not paying anything for a free data recovery program, you can expect it to have limited features.  Data recovery programs are freemium in nature, meaning that you can only use limited functionalities. You may be able to recover a handful of photos but not all the files or images that were deleted on whatever gadget you have. If you want to recover all the photos, then you are required to upgrade your subscription which would still cost you a lot of money.


Then there’s the question of reliability of these photo recovery tools. You can’t still be assured that the data recovery tool you are using is capable of uncovering and retrieving the photos you have lost. Some files may not be recovered at all by the data recovery program you are using.


Moreover, data recovery tools are known to be unable to retrieve files from a corrupted device. Memory cards, hard disc drives, and internal storage of phones and tablets can all be corrupted. You can’t rely on a data recovery software for retrieving images from corrupted storage devices, so you would end up holding an empty bag.


Another issue that crops up when you use a data recovery software is that it could contain hidden malicious files. Virus or other malware can then infect your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Even legitimate programs like data recovery tools can be infected with a virus which can damage the computer system through infiltration of files or stealing personal information such as credit card details.


There’s also the chance that a data recovery program may even bring irreparable damage to your computer or phone by permanently deleting your lost photos.  This scenario will further make you regret using a free photo recovery software.


Finally, most data recovery programs have poor customer support. This can even frustrate you as you won’t have anyone to consult when you are unable to recover your photos using a data recovery software. You may be able to send an email to the customer support of the program, but how sure are you that the developer will get back to you quickly?


Indeed, there are numerous reasons why you should think twice about downloading and installing a data recovery tool on your phone or computer.

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Recover your Photos with Expert Assistance from Lost Memories – Data Recovery

Approaching and seeking the help of a data recovery company is the safest and surest way to recover your deleted photos.  Data recovery firms have the personnel and technology needed to restore your photos. Moreover, these companies can give warranty or assurance that your storage device or gadget won’t be damaged during the lost digital file retrieval process.


Lost Memories Data Recovery is a prime example of these data recovery firms. It is an authority in mobile phone data recovery with well-trained technicians who can recover photos in damaged or non-functioning devices.


Lost Memories – Data Recovery can provide support for mobile devices of all operating systems from iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Its technicians are also trained to retrieve files from different phone models like Apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Microsoft, Sony, amongst others.


The company can also look into damaged storage devices such as external and internal hard disk drives.  Lost and deleted data on solid-state drives can also be retrieved through the professional data recovery programs used by Lost Memories – Data Recovery Technicians.


Those technicians are also familiar and capable in handling deleted photos due to a ransomware attack. Most of the time deleted data in a computer or storage device due to a virus infection is hard for photo recovery tools to detect and even harder to recover.  But experts such as Lost Memories – Data Recovery technicians are capable of handling and taking care of this kind of problem.


Data recovery companies, too, can give warranties to their work unlike developers of photo recovery programs. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your storage device, mobile phone, or tablet will be under warranty for a significant period of time.


Lastly, some data recovery firms like Lost Memories won’t charge you until your data such as photos have been successfully retrieved. It’s way better than paying for a photo recovery tool that still has not proven itself to be effective in recovering deleted photos.


As you can see, there are many reasons why you should shun the use of a photo recovery program especially the free ones distributed online. These programs are simply not enough to recover all the photos you have lost whether stored on a memory card, a computer, or your mobile device. Expect to pay for the service if you want to get back all your lost photos. And you still can’t be certain if those programs are free from malicious files that may compromise your system.


It is more recommended that you work with a data recovery company like Lost Memories – Data Recovery if you want to get back all those photos that mean a lot to you.

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