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Most mobile phones are smart, versatile, and have increasingly become an indispensable device for everyday living. Phones contain photos, videos, documents, and other important files accumulated over time which could be lost, corrupted, or deleted accidentally. We can help with your deleted or lost Mobile Phone Data with our Expert services.


Successfully recovering all the data from a mobile device is a specialised skill quite different to that of recovering files and folders from a home computer. Most mobile devices don’t share the same operating systems and are proprietary embedded devices which have unique layouts, memory and hardware configurations.

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Lost Memories Data Recovery have a successful track record of data recoveries from mobile phones and other storage media as a result of our incomparable expertise and techniques taking strongly into account your specific requirements at our flagship lab – Data Recovery Stoke-on-Trent.

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We use multiple cutting-edge methods for extracting data from mobile / smartphones and tablets, including the most widely used forensically sound solutions used by law enforcement and some that they don’t, such as JTAG, ISP and Chip-off recovery procedures. These advanced methods allow us access to the data on handsets others cannot reach; For example, PIN locked BlackBerry, Samsung, Android and iPhone locked smartphones, or those that are inoperable due to physical damage.

Smartphone & Tablet Data Recovery

We retrieve data from damaged, formatted, and unresponsive mobile phones. So, all your mobile phone data, browsing records, call logs, SMS, video and audio files, with photographs can be retrieved by our Mobile Phone Recovery Experts. We can assist you to recover the lost files from your mobile phone operating systems; Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows to name but a few.

Although lots of modern phones provide backup systems for important files, data loss could occur between backups. Our technical mobile phone recovery experts have a vast knowledge of different mobile phone operating systems, file types and phone file system structures.

We provide only the highest quality of mobile phone recovery services with fast delivery to the satisfaction of our clients as can be seen by our Testimonials.


Mobile Recovery

Our mobile phone recovery experts are very professional and will provide full details of the data recovery procedure at every stage. If you have lost data on your mobile phone or tablet, it’s advisable to stop using the device immediately and contact us for free of charge data recovery advice and expedited resolution. We recover lost data from your mobile phone in easily to access formats and whether possible in the format as the device provided so you can easily transfer it to another compatible device if required.

Some devices may be totally damaged beyond repair, in these complex mobile phone data extraction cases the data will be extracted and sent in a suitable data storage medium such as a USB Pen Drive or where size warrants an external Hard Disk Drive for you to access.

Deleted files are occasionally stored on the flash card associated with the handset or device such as the MicroSD, or within the internal memory of the mobile phone which is more commonly seen with handsets such as the iPhone or some flagship Android phones. However; if the device is simply faulty, then we would repair the mobile phone or tablet, retrieve all the lost files and send them back to you, both the working handset and lost data whereby we also send a copy of the recovered data in a separate USB as desired so you can save it as a backup.

At Lost Memories Data Recovery, we work on broken and unresponsive mobile phones to ensure its back to a good and workable condition to retrieve the deleted or lost files. We work on resolving software related issues, smashed screen or mobile phones damaged by liquid.

If it is not possible to repair the device in order to perform and proceed with the recovery of data from your mobile phone, then in these situations for supported phones a chip-off extraction can be performed, whereby the physical memory chip is forensically removed from the mobile phones circuit board and read directly. For devices that allow it, other methods such as JTAG Extraction and ISP Extraction / eMMC Direct Read can be carried out whereby the memory chip is read directly on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) of the phone without the need to remove.

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Internal structure of an iPhone

Potential reasons for Portable Device Information Loss

The following reasons may cause data loss from mobile phones

Formatted: Loss of data could be as a result of connecting the mobile phone via the USB cable. Sometimes, if the file system is not recognised the machine prompts the user to format the memory card or internal user memory storage area which wipes out the user’s files & folders stored on the phone.

Improper use: It’s important to note that the wrong use of a memory card on different phones or computer systems could corrupt the card. Also, the USB cable shouldn’t be ejected while copying or moving data between the mobile phone and computer.

Human Error: It’s possible to mistakenly delete important files from the memory card of your mobile phone. Our mobile phone recovery experts can help to retrieve deleted audio, video and image files or any other files that hold value to the user.

Virus Attack: When a malicious virus attacks the storage media in the mobile phone, it results to file corruption and loss of data.

Transfer Error: Files may get lost or accidentally deleted during the process of copying or moving files from the memory card of your mobile phone to the computer or if there is a power failure or an unexpected interruption to the process.

Smartphones - Data Recovery

Mobile Phone Forensics | Digital Forensic Expert Witness Services

You should contact our Digital Forensic Experts at Binary Forensics for Digital Forensic Expert Witness Services and further discussion if the lost data on your mobile phone is involved in a Court Case or Legal proceedings and requires mobile phone forensic analysis. Our expert Digital Forensic and Data Recovery teams can help to extract all recoverable lost files from mobile phones, tablets, or other accessories like music players.


Recover Data from a Dead Mobilephone

Damaged Phones, Deleted Data, Non-Functioning (bricked) devices – We are able to assist.

Support for all Operating Systems:

iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, Legacy etc.

Support for all Makes & Models:

Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, HTC, LG, Motorola, OnePlus, Nokia etc.

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Accidental deletion of photographs, text messages, contacts and more
Broken and unresponsive mobile phones
Smashed Screens
Water damaged mobile phones
‘Bricked’, unresponsive, stuck on the bootup screen or in an endless loop
Inaccessible due to a forgotten password or PIN code
Formatted – restored to factory settings (dependant on make and model)


Types of data that are recoverable from mobile phone devices using our Recovery Services are listed below:

Audio Files
General device information and settings
Phone Information
Call Logs
Text Messages (SMS – Short Message Service)
Picture Messages (MMS – Multimedia Messaging Service)
Web History
Internet Data
Google Maps
Google Talk
User Settings
User Property Lists
Speed Dials
GPS (Locations & Satellite Navigation)
File System Data
Contacts with Photos
Pictures & Images
Camera Recordings (Still & Video)
Audio Recordings
3rd party applications settings
Office Documents
Paired Wi-Fi networks list with their geo position
Paired Bluetooth devices list
Skype calls, chats and SMS messages history
Skype address book
User dictionary

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The team did everything in its power to retrieve my data. The files had been overwritten, but they did everything possible and were so quick with the work. Highly recommended!
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