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It could be extremely difficult and unpleasant when you’re trying to handle a complex situation such as recovering data from an unresponsive memory card with all your special photos, videos, and treasured memories gone. Memory cards usually come in the form of a thin, light, and flat storage device which is inserted into a phone or camera to store photos, videos, and other important data. Some photographs represent months and years of memories stored on your SD card, so it comes as no surprise when you get upset about losing the files. But at Lost Memories, we can help to determine how to recover deleted photos from SD Card, assist with Memory Card Data Recovery or SD Card Recovery.

How to Recover Deleted Photos From SD Card

SD cards serve as additional storage media on phones, cameras, and other digital devices as it increases the capacity to save multiple photos and video files for years with little hitches. These cards can store a large volume of data from special moments captured in photos and videos conveniently. However, due to accidental deletion, human error, or wrong use of SD cards, photographs, and other vital files could get lost.

If this is the case, please contact us and don’t tamper with the memory card or attempt home recovery techniques to avoid compounding the issue.

The SD card may develop a fault in some cases. There are several reasons for this that account for the failure of the memory card such as physical damage, the inability of the operating system to detect and recognise the card, power surge or electronic interference. These are challenges which could result in loss of precious documents, files and photos stored in the SD card. Safety measures should be observed while using an SD card such as proper ejection before its removal from any device to avoid the data becoming corrupted.

At Lost Memories, we can assist you to rescue lost files from your memory card or recover deleted photos from SD card, even if it’s faulty or damaged. Most memory cards contain precious files and without the intervention of a professional data recovery service, all those memories  stand the risk of being lost forever.

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Memory Card Damage Types We Can Recover Data From

Recovery and Extraction of data from memory cards including SD or Micro SD cards require the highest level of skills and expertise and our technical consultants are consistently successful in resolving such complex issues. We have the best solutions available to successfully retrieve and recover the data from any type of memory card. As part of our free of charge assessment, we will access the memory card to determine the number of files and photos that are recoverable.

So, if you’re in a difficult situation with your memory card be it from a phone or camera and thinking about how to recover deleted photos from SD card then help is here. We maintain a consistent approach to our service delivery and work on recovering all the possible lost photos and files from any kind of memory card.

Our consultants are very knowledgeable and ready to help at any given time so don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime you need assistance with inaccessible data locked within your memory card.

Filesystem and File Corruption
Physical Damage
Liquid Damage
Defects, Bad Blocks and Hardware Failure
Electronic Damage

Flash Memory Card Formats Supported For Data Recovery

Flash Memory Card Formats Supported For Data Recovery

We are able to recover data from any flash memory card type, including (but not restricted to):

SD cards (Secure Digital) (including the newer SDHC and SDXC versions)

MicroSD cards (including MicroSDHC and MicroSDXC)

MiniSD cards (including MiniSDHC)

CompactFlash cards (CF)

MMC cards (“MultiMediaCard”)

Sony Memory Stick (including Memory

Stick Pro (MS Pro), Memory Stick Duo (MS Duo), Memory Stick Pro Duo (MS Pro Duo), Memory Stick Micro (M2) and all other versions)

xD cards (also known as “xD-Picture Card”)

Regardless of whether your card type’s listed above, there’s a good chance we can recover your data from it. Please contact us to ask for further details and take us up on a free of charge assessment.

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