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Losing your files, contacts, and saved games on your iPhone can be one of your worst nightmares. In the case of losing iPhone contacts, it can be a nuisance to collect phone numbers from the important people in your life. It can also be a bummer if you lost those photos of your recent holiday that you took using your iPhone.


Apple has rolled out numerous security features such as facial recognition and touch ID that have reportedly contributed to the decline in the number of iPhone thefts. While it is a welcome development, it still doesn’t solve some of the most common causes of iPhone data loss. However, there are a couple of iPhone data recovery solutions that you can try if you are one of those people who lost precious files on an iPhone.

Recovering Lost iPhone Data with Lost Memories – Data Recovery

But there’s an even simpler and more effective way of restoring your lost or deleted iPhone files—with the help of Lost Memories Data Recovery UK.

The firm has a long and successful track record of retrieving data from formatted, unresponsive and damaged iPhones. It can help you not only to retrieve your old iPhone contacts and photos; it can also recover other data such as browsing records, call logs, video and audio files, text messages, among others. Even files you downloaded to your iPhone can be retrieved by the folks from Lost Memories.

Lost Memories Data Recovery UK implements a no data, no charge policy. You don’t have to pay the firm unless it has successfully retrieved the data you need.

There’s no doubt that Lost Memories Data Recovery is your best and safest bet in retrieving data on your damaged, newly-formatted and unresponsive iPhone.

In case something happens to your iOS Device, iPhone or iPad and you need it recovering, contact Lost Memories and we can provide a free of charge assessment, the type of data we can recover includes but is not limited to:

Picture Messages
Multimedia – Images, Videos, Audio & Photographs
YouTube history and bookmarks
Apps like WhatsApp, Waze, Viber, and Facebook Messenger
Speed dials
User settings


Lost Memories also offers a free evaluation of damaged iPhone & iPad devices. You will not get charged until the data has been successfully retrieved from your phone.

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Top causes of iPhone data loss

Human error
One of the more common causes of losing files is human error. You may have accidentally deleted your contacts stored on your iPhone. It is also possible that you pressed the wrong buttons resulting to deletion of photos, videos, and text messages. If you have a child who often plays with your iPhone, he or she may also accidentally delete your files.


Upgrading to the latest iOS version
Another common cause of iPhone data loss is upgrading to the latest iOS. For example, if you update your iPhone 7 to iOS 10, you may find your contacts and other data removed. This may even happen after you restored the rest of your phone’s settings.

After you update your iPhone 7/SE/6s/6s Plus/6/5/4S/4 to iOS 10, iOS 9.1, or other iOS versions, you may find that your contacts or other data are wiped, even after restoring the rest of the device’s settings as in the norm.

Tip: Remember to back up your iPhone data (especially the important ones) before you try to update your iPhone to new iOS. You can try iTunes or iCloud to backup, or rely on iPhone Data Recovery to backup iPhone data since it can transfer data to the local computer.


Factory settings reset
There would be many scenarios that you need to restore factory settings on your iPhone, such as when you get stuck in a white Apple logo screen of death. However, after factory settings reset on your iPhone, you may find that all of your personal information like contacts, SMS text messages, notes, etc. gets lost.

Tip: As to this situation, the best way is also to backup your iPhone data before you restore factory settings. If you forget to backup, refer to the last part of the content to recover the lost iPhone data.


Jailbreaking your iPhone may cause data loss, such as when you pull out the USB cable during the jailbreak process, or when jailbreak fails. Moreover, jailbreaking iPhone voids your warranty, which often leads your iPhone stuck in DFU mode. Thus, you may have no access to your data.

Tip: Generally speaking, if you jailbreak iPhone in the right way, you can avoid data loss.


iPhone has been damaged, crushed or smashed
When your iPhone got damaged as it dropped into the water, its battery circuitry short-circuited, etc. it may cause data loss on your iPhone, which is the same when your iPhone got crashed, smashed, etc.

Tip: Always keep your iPhone in a safe place. Build up the habit to sync your iPhone with iTunes for backup.


Virus attack or malicous application
If your iPhone got virus attack, you might lose your iPhone data totally, or in some situations, you may have no access to the files on your iPhone.

Tip: To avoid a virus attack, you should ensure that every time you download apps, you do so in a secure way.


The device is locked by a forgotten password
You may set a password on iPhone to protect your personal information, but unfortunately, you may get stuck in the locked screen and have no access to your data if you forgot the password.


iPhone is stuck in black/white Apple logo screen of death
Many users complain that iPhone would get stuck in the black/white Apple logo screen of death and can’t access to their files. Till now, there seems to be no actual reason for this white Apple logo of death.


Replacing iPhone battery
Since all flash memory (except RAM) in iPhone or other phones is retained without power, replacing the battery has the same effect as resetting your iPhone, which will lock your iPhone files as it can get stuck in a forced Disabled mode for 23 million minutes.

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