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Damaged, Unresponsive or Clicking Hard Disk Drive?


The nature of the hard drive could make you forget it’s a delicate mechanical component and should be handled with care. Sometimes, the hard drive develops malfunctioning issues due to internal or external faults, which result in loss of data and other associated problems; hence the need to institute expert hard disk repair. According to statistics, 5% of all computer users are likely to experience data loss from the hard drive of their computers. Therefore, it’s necessary to know the reasons that could damage the hard drive and how the internal and external drives could be repaired including clean room repairs as criteria in the process of fixing the hard drive.


Whenever data gets lost from the hard drive, it’s important to check if the problem is from the physical hard drive or it’s a logical problem like hard drive partition loss, format or accidental deletion. Caution must be applied to avoid compounding issues, and it’s better to send the hard drive to a specialized data recovery service for efficient resolution of the problem.


Hard Drive Failure

The failure of a hard drive could be due to malfunctioning of the internal components within the drive. Data from a damaged hard drive can still be recovered even if the hard disk was formatted or the partition corrupted. At Lost Memories, our first step would be to facilitate a free of charge assessment, then following that seek authorisation to repair the hard drive. Afterwards, we ensure all your lost data is completely restored.

We have professionals who retrieve lost data from hard disks that are damaged, formatted or lost partitions. Being prepared for any unforeseen occurrence reduces the pain and inconvenience caused by the failure of a hard drive. That’s why it’s recommended to properly backup the data on your computer. Hard drive recovery and repair can be extremely technical so nothing should be left to chance when it comes to addressing the problem.

Any clicking or whirring noise from the hard drive indicates a serious damage, so you have to seek professional help immediately. Hard drive reconstruction helps to prevent the mechanical device from further damage. Although hard drives are mechanical devices which can develop a fault at any time, there are still some failures that could be avoided with the right usage.

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Factors that can damage a Hard Drive

Mechanical disk malfunction

Every hard drive was designed with an air filter to prevent dust particles from affecting the functionality of the disk. Dust specks may likely cause a head crash. Furthermore, a sudden jolt of the computer may cause damage such as when you throw your laptop on the bed or accidental dropping.

Manufacturing defects

Hard disk manufacturers test their products before releasing it to the market; nevertheless, some of these drives have faults which affect its performance and functionality.


Most hard drives work at a temperature of 5 to 60 degree Celsius for optimum performance. Overheating could result in the corruption of data and it generates systemic errors, so it’s vital to ensure that your computer is well ventilated particularly during the summer period. The electronic circuit board controls the hard drive and it’s susceptible to failure when exposed to heat.

Electronic failure

A power surge or sudden power outage can burn the electronic components within the hard drive. Therefore, any sudden change in the electric supply can damage the drive.

File Corruption

Corruption of file is caused by overheating, malware, or interruption in the data writing process. The operating system of the computer makes use of the file system to organize data on the storage device. The system may become inaccessible when the file system on the internal hard disk is damaged.

Physical drive damage

If your laptop accidentally dropped on the floor with a bang, was exposed to water or fire then it may affect the drive. You need to take note of typical sounds like beeping, whirring, clicking or grinding and stop all activity on the system immediately.

Virus Attack

The computer may fail to start due to a virus attack which could destroy the files stored on the internal hard disk. The virus may also delete the entire partition as well.


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Hard Drive - Inside view during repair

Repairing Drives

The hard disk drive repair is the first step in recovering lost data from a damaged drive, and it can be successfully handled by our technical experts. All internal hard disk repairs are done in a certified clean room.

We understand the standard technicalities involved in the drive repair process. We always ensure that our engineers comply with the safety procedures and guidelines for repairs of hard drives. Consequently, when dismantling the components of the system, it is done within a clean room to prevent further damage to the hard drive.

More often than not, we handle cases where an inexperienced attempt at hard drive recovery and repair was previously undertaken. So, you need to get it right whenever there is a need to contact a data recovery company, which is why we are here to serve you.

We have the skills, experience, appropriate certifications and equipment to dismantle the hard drive in a clean environment as well as to replace any faulty components.

To wrap it up, the hard drive is an essential component of the computer. It may fail to start due to physical damage, overheating, file corruption, virus attack, electronic failure, or manufacturing defects which makes the system inaccessible. These are some reasons for the failure of a hard drive and it could result in loss of data as well.

Always keep your computer safe from dust, fire or water. Avoid dropping your laptop carelessly on the bed as it could cause a head crash. Accidental droppings on the floor must be completely avoided. Unplug the device from any electrical charge and enlist the help of a professional data recovery service immediately you notice any strange recurrent noise emanating from the computer.

At Lost Memories, we have expert engineers who are certified to conduct clean room hard disk drive repairs and to safely recover all the lost data from the device. We provide an evaluation of the failed drive and assist you to download the recovered data to any choice storage media. Our technical experts are highly successful in recovering lost files from damaged hard drives which other companies may consider impossible.

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