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There’s nothing attractive about the looks of a hard drive. Whether it is an internal hard disk drive or the external, portable type, a hard drive won’t wow any person with its appearance. But hard drives aren’t meant to impress with their looks. Rather, these are designed to store huge amounts of data. In fact, it can store data far more than your average laptop or tablet.


The importance of a hard drive becomes all the more pronounced on a business owner whenever there’s data loss. Hard drive failure, damage or corruption can all cause a merchant to freak out especially if he has not backed up his data. However, hard drive data recovery is possible as long as the right company is selected for the job.

Impact of Data Loss on Businesses

Data loss is not the first thing that business owners would think of when they are asked about business challenges. Things such as access to funding, technology, and customer service may be some of the things that come to mind when asked about this topic. But make no mistake about it, data loss can also affect businesses especially their day-to-day operations.


Data loss is a major inconvenience to any business that failed to back up its files. When important digital documents are lost, a business has to spend time and resources recovering those files. If the files are not recovered, a firm may have to spend time recreating the documents. In some cases, hard copies of the information may be located but there’s no certainty or assurance that those are updated.


Data loss can affect productivity as time and resources are spent on recovering or recreating lost files. It can also make a business lose customers if the data loss is accompanied by security breaches. And in some cases, it can lead to clients losing their trust and respect on the business.

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Common Causes of Hard Drive Data Loss

There are many causes of hard drive data loss, and each cause yields a unique situation for data recovery experts to deal with. Human errors, hard drive crashes, and software issues are some of the more common causes of hard drive data loss.


Humans are prone to making mistakes. Sometimes, those mistakes are big ones like unintentional deletion of data files on a hard drive. Or not having the foresight to back up data. Humans, too, play a role in other data loss causes like damaging the hard drive or spilling liquid on it. Even software corruption and formatting of the hard drive can be attributed to human errors.


Viruses and other malware are often the first things that people think of when asked about data loss causes. Viruses can steal data, bringing business operations to a crawl and in the process destroying the company’s reputation.


In a business environment, hard drives can be infected by a virus that gets into the system through emails or unauthorised downloads. Malware attacks may also be coursed through phishing that invites an employee to click on a malicious link which then lets the virus to attack the computer system, damage and steal files in the process.


Then there are hardware malfunctions causing hard drive data loss. Many people don’t realize that the hard drive is the most fragile part of the computer. In fact, an informal survey showed that up to 140,000 hard drives crash every week. Out of that number, 60 percent is attributed to mechanical issues while the 40 percent is due to human error, misuse, or mishandling such as dropping a computer.


There are certain signs indicating that the hard drive is malfunctioning. These include frequent crashing of the hard drive, the computer becoming unusually hot, or when it regularly crashes. A computer making grinding noises can also indicate that the hard drive is experiencing problems and could possibly lead to data loss.

Recover Hard Drive Data with Expert Assistance from Lost Memories – Data Recovery

Given the valuable information stored on hard drives, it makes no sense for business owners and operators to take a chance on data recovery tools or programs found online.  These software solutions have questionable efficacy on data recovery.


The more practical solution is to contact a hard drive recovery firm like Lost Memories – Data Recovery.  Hard drive recovery companies have the experience, track record, and technical knowledge in repairing damaged hard drives and more importantly, recovering files stored on the said storage devices.


Data recovery professionals can be likened to a heart surgeon who has performed an open heart surgery thousands of times with a high success rate. These are experts who have undertaken efficacious hard drive data operations.


We know how to access the firmware of a hard drive, which is something that most data recovery programs won’t be able to do. It is well-known in the industry that hard drive manufacturers avoid making the internal specifications of their devices public for security reasons.


Data recovery companies such as Lost Memories – Data Recovery can access the firmware and hidden areas of most hard drives, repair it in the process so that data stored on it can be recovered or cloned. The next step would be to save the recovered files on another storage device like a USB or memory card. In some instances, the recovered data may be uploaded in the Cloud for faster transmittal.


The hard drive is vital to businesses because it is where important digital files are stored. Hard drive data loss can be due to a variety of causes from human errors, malware infection and hardware problems.


Hard drive data recovery is a complex process that should be left to the professionals such as Lost Memories – Data Recovery. We have the technical expertise and trained technicians to pull off a hard drive data recovery job. Given the importance of data stored in hard drive to businesses, it only makes sense if business owners and operators approach a company such as ourselves.

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