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There are certain things which have a familiar clicking sound like the mouse you’re likely holding now or a ball pen’s cap when you snap it back into place. But there are also things which should not be clicking like a hard disk drive. Hard drive clicking sound can indicate that there’s a problem brewing in the storage device which could potentially lead to data loss.


The hard drive could be the most vital part of any computer. It is where all the information on a PC is stored, from digital files like Word and Excel documents to music files, videos, and photographs. It is thus not surprising that many people freak out when they hear strange, clicking sounds coming from the hard drive. That clicking sound has also been fondly called the “Click of Death” as it may signify that the working lifespan of the hard drive is coming to an end.

The Reason Behind Hard Drive Clicking

In order to better understand why a hard disk drive makes that clicking noise, you should be familiar with its components particularly the read/write head. Hovering over the platters of the hard drive, it quickly scans across that part of the hard drive to add data or read from it. Should the platters get damaged like head crash, the read/write head won’t be able to perform its tasks.


This causes the read/write head to return to its original place to find the right position on the platters. In some instances, the read/write head will get to the end of the platter before hitting a stop which causes that audible click sound.


The clicking sound is not only annoying but can also be bothersome especially when you realize that it can indicate that the hard drive’s lifespan is about to end. But as you would learn, later on, hard drive clicking is a serious problem that you should not attempt to solve. It’s something that should be left to the pros.

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Causes of Hard Drive Clicking

There are three reasons behind a hard drive clicking or beeping. These are:


Not powering up

When there’s enough power for the hard drive to spin up to speed, then it would attempt to make do with whatever level of power available. The hard drive will spin up several times but not at full speed. The spinning action will be at different speeds, resulting in the beeping sound.

The lack of power available to power up the hard drive may be related to its printed circuit board. In the case of external drives, it may also be due to the hard drive enclosure. Either way, you need professional help to correct this problem.

Experts recommend stopping the hard drive from powering up the moment the beeping sound is heard by turning off the PC or disconnecting the power source.


Head Stack Problems

When the read/write heads are worn out, these parts won’t be able to do their jobs well and consequently create that clicking sound. It’s a serious problem requiring the use of a cleaning room facility. Data recovery would entail installation of a new set of heads. It’s a time-consuming and expensive process that however often leads to hard drive repair and data recovery.


Platter scratches

A scratched platter will usually cause the hard drive to make a clicking sound. It’s also considered as the most complicated cause of hard driving clicking to solve, requiring a special surface treatment for cleaning the platter. Aside from the fact that the special surface treatment is meticulously applied, the said treatment option can also minimize the success rate of the data recovery process.

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What to do in case your hard drive makes a clicking sound

The usual course of action for people who have hard drive problems is to go to YouTube and look for a video tutorial that teaches tricks to repair a hard drive clicking sound. And one trick that is often recommended is to place the hard drive in a freezer. While that trick may have worked for some people a decade ago, it will only enhance the risks of hard drive damage and data loss.


Some people also attempt to open and repair the hard drives while being guided by instructions from YouTube video tutorials. This is tantamount to destroying their hard drives. It can be likened to a non-surgeon performing a heart surgery in a non-sterile environment.


If your hard drive is making that audible clicking sound, the first thing to do is to power it off and send it to a data recovery company like Lost Memories – Data Recovery. We have a long track record of repairing damaged or corrupted hard drives and recovering all digital files stored on said storage devices.


We accept laptops, desktop PCs, or Apple Macs with damaged or corrupted hard drive for repair and recovery of deleted data. If you are technically-savvy and capable of removing the hard drive from your PC, then you can send it separately or can submit the computer as a whole for hard drive data recovery services.


We utilize the latest digital forensics technology to retrieve data stored in corrupted or damaged hard drive and offer a free assessment of the damaged hard drive, meaning you don’t have to pay for the service unless you have agreed that Lost Memories will repair and retrieve the information stored on the device. We also offer a no data, no fee policy.



A hard drive clicking is something that you should not dismiss or ignore. When the hard drive makes an audible click sound, then it is an indication that something is wrong with it. Data loss could be on the horizon. In case your hard drive has missing files or is completely damaged, then don’t try to repair it. Bring it to a data recovery company like Lost Memories – Data Recovery for our Experts to help.

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