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The external hard drive has become wildly popular these days. Can you imagine carrying up to 5 terabytes worth of data in your pockets? This has become possible with the advent of external hard drives. Yet no matter how advanced this kind of storage device has become, it is still prone to data loss caused by damage. Good thing there’s an external hard drive repair and data recovery solution that you can turn to.

Faulty External Hard Drive

Causes of External Hard Drive Problems

Here’s the hard truth about external hard drives, they may look sturdy from the outside but just like any mechanical device, they will wear out even if you treat them well. It is believed that 6 out of 10 hard drive failures is attributed to mechanical failure while the rest is due to misuse.

External hard drive failures can be categorized into two, physical and logical. Physical failures happen when the moving parts like the electric motor fail to work. This may happen due to a major crash like when you drop the external hard drive. Then there are logical failures coming from file system corruption.

Below are some of the more common reasons for external hard drive failure:


Manufacturing defects

There are instances when an external hard drive stops functioning or behaves abnormally days after your purchase it. This can be due to a manufacturing defect. The device may have been subjected to improper testing at the time of manufacturing, for example. The defect further makes the hard disk inaccessible and can result to boot failure.


Sudden loss of power

An unexpected loss of power can also damage the contents of an external hard drive. Fluctuation in the energy can also damage the disk itself and make it undetectable by a PC.


Mechanical failure

External and internal hard drives are made up of numerous mechanical parts. Failure of any of these components can lead to the hard drive operating abnormally. You may hear a clicking sound caused by bad sectors on the hard drive.


Data corruption

This is another common cause of external hard drive problems. Virus and malware attacks can prevent you from accessing any of the files saved on your external hard drive.

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Signs that your External Hard Drive is Nearing its End

There are several signs that can be indicative of your external hard drive nearing its demise. One of these signs is long access times.


Have you experienced waiting for a long time for the files on your external hard drive to show up? Then it can be interpreted that the hard drive is failing. Of course, there is also the possibility that the USB connector cable is damaged or worn out. What causes the external hard drive to have such long access times? It can be a combination of factors like bad sectors on the platters and the slow ageing of the read/write heads.


Vanishing files on the hard drive may also indicate that it is nearing its end. As the components of the hard drive start to wear down, some of those mechanical parts will struggle in doing their jobs. As a result, some interesting things will happen to your files. Files and folders will disappear. Some may even appear with garbled filenames. Other files will appear as corrupted.


The sad truth is that by the time you notice these hard disk drive failure symptoms, your external hard drive may already be on its way to becoming vanished. This is very much true when you hear the hard drive making the audible clicking sound which has been fondly called ‘The Click of Death.’

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What to Do With a Damaged External Hard Drive

When an external hard drive has become corrupted or damaged, the first thing most people would do is to go online and search for a solution. This may be in the form of a data recovery tool or software that promises to recover the stored data on damaged hard drives.


Or try out a few dangerous and inadvisable “tricks” like the infamous freezer solution wherein the external hard drive is placed in a Ziplock bag and putting this inside a freezer for up to 48 hours which will cause further damage due to internal condensation. 


But instead of wasting your time and putting more damage to your external hard drive (and risking all those precious files on it), why don’t you contact a data recovery company for a free of charge assessment?


There are many data retrieval companies that you can approach. If you are in the UK, one company to check out is Lost Memories – Data Recovery which has a long track record of repairing external hard disk drives and recovering all files stored on said storage devices.


We are one of a handful of firms that offers a no data, no fee policy. You won’t have to pay until we have successfully recovered your files.  Avoid dealing with firms that insist on charging you for a mere assessment of your damaged external hard drive and not delivering results.


We use the latest technology to retrieve files on damaged or corrupted external hard drives. Whether your hard drive was infected by a virus or physically damaged after you drop it, the well-trained expert technicians at Lost Memories – Data Recovery will be able to do assist with your device and more importantly, recover all the information stored on it.


The fees that we quote are reasonable and tailored to the job at hand to make data recovery affordable. We will also copy all the files recovered from your external hard drive into another hard drive or even uploaded into the Cloud for faster transmission of data.


In short, an external hard drive may be very popular these days because it can store a lot of information, but it doesn’t mean that it is impervious to damage. When your hard drive shows signs of malfunction, don’t even think of repairing it yourself. External hard drive repair and data recovery should be left to the professionals like the experts at Lost Memories – Data Recovery.


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