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Taking photographs has become a lot easier in the past few years thanks to technology. We now see a lot of smartphones with advanced cameras capable of capturing high-resolution images. It’s not even a stretch of the imagination to say that one doesn’t need a DSLR camera to take professional-quality photos.


While taking photos is easy these days, one still has to be careful in handling and storing digital files. Photos and videos can be deleted if an individual is careless. Loss of pictures is a real and frightening scenario for most people. Fortunately, there are several ways to recover deleted photos.

Top Causes of Photo Loss

Gone is the era when photos were stored in albums. Today, people store images captured during important occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays on digital storage devices such as memory cards and hard drives.

These electronic devices have numerous advantages such as convenience and high storage capacity. However, one of the few disadvantages is that you can still lose your photos stored on said items.

For example, photos stored on an SD card or hard drive can be lost when the latter is corrupted. There are numerous causes of memory card and hard drive troubles such as file system corruption, physical damage and an accumulation of bad sectors.

External hard drives may appear to be more stable and secure compared to smaller memory cards, but this is not the case at all. Improper insertion or removal of a portable hard drive can lead to corruption and data loss. Thus, make it a habit to safely remove the external hard drive before putting it away.

Both memory cards and hard drives can be infected with a virus or malware. This can be a result of downloading and installation of a file like an app or software on a smartphone, for instance. The virus can trigger malware attacks which may damage the phone and lead to data loss, including deletion of photos.

Physical damage of an SD card may also lead to data loss. For example, the device could suffer from failure or data loss when it gets exposed to water or extreme heat. SD card left in a pair of pants and which was subsequently washed will get damaged and all its contents, including photos, will likely be erased.

Finally, photos can also be deleted by accident. Accidental deletion of photos may sound implausible to some people, but it does happen. A smartphone user, for instance, may unknowingly leave his phone on while on his pocket and his movement can trigger the keypad to delete files, including photos he doesn’t want to be erased.

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Recovery options for deleted photos

Most people would tell you that you can always use a data recovery software or tool if you have accidentally deleted your photos. This seems like the most logical, practical move given that there are numerous programs online marketed to be effective in recovering lost files including photos and videos.

However, downloading and installing a data recovery software may not be the wisest move to make.

First, most data recovery tools online are not as effective as their developers advertise these programs to be. Some tools may be able to recover a couple of folders but fail to detect and retrieve other files including photos and videos. Others just don’t work at all.

Second, these data recovery tools could carry virus or malware that may corrupt the gadget like smartphone, tablet or laptop. In the end, users would end up having more problems to solve as they will not only have to be worried about recovering their lost photos but also having their gadgets fixed.

Third, there is no warranty offered by developers of these data recovery programs. This is very much true in third-party data recovery tools developed by lesser-known companies and individuals. In the end, the user won’t have someone to contact and be held accountable for data lost or compromised after he or she tried using a data recovery software.

Indeed, there are a lot of risks that people must take when they opt to use a data recovery program in retrieving their deleted photos on whatever digital device they may have.

Recover Deleted Photos with Expert Assistance from Lost Memories – Data Recovery

A more practical approach in recovering deleted photos is to seek the help of a reputable data recovery firm such as Lost Memories Data Recovery UK.

Data recovery companies are better-equipped to handle deleted digital file recovery and safekeeping. These firms have the personnel who are trained to resolve even the most complex issues about data stored on hard drives and micro SD cards. Our Technicians are skilled and experienced enough to retrieve and recover data from almost every type of storage device. Whether the storage device has been corrupted, physically damaged or become inaccessible, data recovery firms will be able to restore all the data stored on said device.

Lost Memories Data Recovery UK also implements a no data, no charge policy. This means that clients do not have to pay unless their deleted photos and other important files have been recovered by the company.

It also offers free diagnostic services to clients who have lost their data stored on phones, tablets, computers, and other similar electronic devices. The firm will first assess the damage on the storage device and then determine how much the retrieval of data would cost. Clients are not obligated to proceed with the transaction, and they may walk away if they find the quotation too expensive.

Finally, there is the assurance that Lost Memories Data Recovery UK will be able to retrieve all your data without damaging your gadgets. The company will exert all efforts to recover your files in the soonest time possible. And in the unlikely event that something happens to your gadget during the data retrieval process, Lost Memories Data Recovery will put it back to working state.

Recovering deleted photos and other important data is no longer a tall task with the emergence of companies such as Lost Memories Data Recovery UK.

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