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Data loss is a serious problem that many companies worldwide are facing. There are multiple surveys showing how much data loss is costing businesses. For instance, cybersecurity firm Symantec and research institute Ponemon found out that firms in the UK will pay an accumulative value of almost £2 million a year. And most, if not all, businesses that suffer from data loss face extinction as shown by a study conducted by the British Chamber of Commerce that revealed that more than 90 percent of businesses which suffered from extensive data loss filed for bankruptcy within a year.

Requirements for Expert Data Recovery

All the aforementioned statistics underline the importance of having data backup in businesses. In the unfortunate event that a company has lost precious data due to hard drive damage or virus infection, the next course of action is to find a company that can provide data recovery service.


There are numerous data recovery firms that can provide this type of service. But how can a business owner or operator choose the right one for their company?

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Evaluation and Data Recovery

The best data recovery firms observe a ‘no data, no fee’ policy. It’s a reasonable policy given that clients should not be made to pay for a service until it yields positive results. Data recovery firms should also adjust their charges if they were only able to recover a portion of the lost data.

The data retrieval service should first evaluate the storage device before estimating a price for the job. Remember that there are different kinds and models of data storage devices. There is also variation in the amounts and types of data stored as well as the issues affecting them. All these factors can affect the pricing of the file recovery service.

In evaluating the data recovery service, most reputable firms not only determine the extent of work required to recover the data but also the chances of successfully doing so.

Pricing varies from one data recovery firm to another. Expect to spend at least £80 for recovering data from a single fully functional hard drive. Of course, the costs are higher for retrieving information from more complicated devices like a server.

There’s also another reason why agreeing to work with a service offering a flat rate on data recovery. Most of the time, recovery jobs can be addressed with a simple fix or solution. Companies or individuals who subscribe to this type of agreement would essentially be overpaying for the service.

On the other hand, companies that give a price quotation will also discuss in detail their evaluation of the issue including the root cause of the problem and the best course of action to address it. This is the kind of transparency which clients would appreciate especially when they are handing over valuable data to another party.

Turnaround on file recovery is critical to the fate of a company that’s why it is normal for clients in need of data recovery service to ask for an average turnaround time. Naturally, companies and individuals who have lost valuable data would want to recover all the information as quickly as possible.  Data recovery firms which offer 24/7 emergency data retrieval service may be ideal for clients wanting to get their data back in a short and expedited timeframe.

After evaluation and authorisation to proceed, data recovery firms would typically start the recovery process. There is no standard period for repairing damaged storage devices and recovering the data on it. Turnaround time would greatly depend on the issues to be resolved. In most cases, data recovery firms would need more time to repair and recover data from drives which were damaged due to fire, flood, or other disasters.

Customer Service

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Finding a data recovery service firm with excellent customer service is also very important. Companies and individuals who have lost their important data would want to deal with a data recovery firm that has fast and accessible customer service. The data service recovery firm should be reachable, too, any time of the day especially in cases of emergencies.

Moreover, data retrieval service firms should quickly assign a dedicated representative or technician to a client after submission of the drive or storage device. These representatives are the client’s main point of contact, providing updates on the different stages of the retrieval process. These are also the ones who will recommend the next course of actions to the client.


Recover Lost Data with Expert Assistance from Lost Memories – Data Recovery

There are numerous data recovery companies offering their services in the UK yet only a handful are in the same class as Lost Memories Data Recovery UK.

Lost Memories Data Recovery UK is one of the more reputable data retrieval firms in the UK. We specialise in recovering data from all sorts of storage devices from memory cards to hard drives.  It also offers other services like laptop and desktop computer repair, virus and spyware removal, and data recovery and backup.

We apply and observe a no data, no charge policy and implements a free assessment of damaged or corrupted storage device. It has skilled and well-trained technicians who are adept at repairing and retrieving data from all sorts of digital devices.

Lost Memories Data Recovery UK is also known for its excellent customer service. With more than 13 years of experience in the data retrieval industry, the company has grown its clientele which includes UK Police Forces.

To sum things up, data recovery is a complex process. Individuals and enterprises who have lost their valuable data should work only with a reputable digital file recovery firm. In choosing one, factors such as pricing, evaluation/recovery, and customer service should be considered. Lost Memories UK is an example of a firm that has all those three factors mentioned, which explains why it is highly-recommended for data retrieval jobs in the UK.

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The team did everything in its power to retrieve my data. The files had been overwritten, but they did everything possible and were so quick with the work. Highly recommended!
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