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We operate in a digital world today, where every person, business and organisation makes use of computer systems for internal and external dissemination of information as well as for processing and storing a large volume of data (Big Data Forensics).


Recovering data successfully from computers or to restore files from any system is technical and there’s need for caution to ensure all the files are retrieved from the hard drive and that that they are not lost forever by “home recovery” techniques which run the risk of overwriting the data and making it unrecoverable which is why the Computer Data Recovery Services at Lost Memories are always available no matter the size of problem or Data Recovery requirements at our flagship lab – Data Recovery Stoke-on-Trent.


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Computer Data Recovery

Many reasons account for the loss of data from a computer, either a desktop, laptop, external hard drive or an Apple Mac / MacBook. There are several procedures our Computer Data Recovery Experts  undertake to effectively perform this complex task.

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Computer Data Recovery

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Potential reasons for Computer Data Loss

Data in the hard drive could be lost under the following circumstances:

Drive was formatted
Windows recovery
Installation or reinstallation of windows
Accidental deletion
Corrupted data or files
Physical Damage
Virus or Ransomware attack

Our Computer Data Recovery Services support all device models and Operating Systems. We specialise in recovering lost and deleted data on the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) including Solid-State Drives (SSD) and RAID Arrays.  Sometimes, damage to the file system or partition table makes the data inaccessible so we have professional data recovery software and phases in place to extract valuable files from the hard disk drive after low-level software-based repairs have been made to the drive filesystem.

Our Data Recovery Services become necessary when the following occurs; accidental deletion of files, damage to storage media, recover deleted files from USB, the operating system fails to function, Windows Recovery, storage media experiences a failure or malfunctioning.

There are different phases of data recovery. A physically damaged hard drive (not powering, clicking, crashed heads, damaged / blown PCB) needs to be repaired and be in working condition before data extraction can take place. Faulty parts in the hard disk are typically replaced and our team has the technical expertise to make such repairs.

Repair of a faulty or damaged partition table is done using the clone to read and extract stored data in the system. Data retrieved may be damaged and has to be reconstructed before it becomes readable. Testing and data recovery procedures are conducted on the secondary copy of the data, which is achieved by cloning an image of the drive before transferring it to another device. It prevents further damage to the original source because the continuous use of a faulty drive will lead to more data loss.

Human errors, head crashes, fire outbreak, flood, or other unforeseen variables may cause damage to the computer’s storage media. The hard disk may develop mechanical faults making it difficult to retrieve important files. Lost data from a damaged hard drive can be retrieved using advanced techniques by our data recovery / digital forensic experts.

Sometimes, available data in the computer or hard drive are encrypted for modern IT security reasons or due to an unexpected virus / Ransomware attack. Nevertheless, it could still be extracted by our data recovery experts. Due to the nature of the damage, the hardware disk drive is often replaced before the extraction of data. Meanwhile, we will always provide you with up-to-date feedback on the next line of action in the data recovery process.

We assist to salvage corrupted, damaged, lost, formatted, inaccessible data from any computer system, auxiliary storage, files or removable media. Most of the data is usually retrieved from storage media like internal or external hard disk drives, memory cards, SD cards, Micro SD cards or USB pen drives.

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Digital Forensics Lab

Computer Forensics | Digital Forensic Expert Witness Services

You should contact our Digital Forensic Experts at Binary Forensics for Digital Forensic Expert Witness Services and further discussion if the lost data on your computer, hard drive, memory card or digital storage device is involved in a Court Case or Legal proceedings and requires computer forensic analysis. Our expert Digital Forensic and Data Recovery teams can help to extract all recoverable lost files from computers, laptops, hard drives and digital storage like music Micro SD cards or how to recover deleted photos from SD Card which is essential for an investigation.

Overview of our Computer Data Recovery Services

Damaged Computer or Hard Drive, Deleted Data, Formatted Data, Corrupted or Lost Data, Non-Functioning Systems – We are able to assist.

Support for all Makes, Models & Types:

Desktop PC, Apple Mac, MacBook, Internal or External Hard Drive, USB Pen Drive, SD or MicroSD Memory Cards, Digital Camera

Support for all Computer Operating Systems:

Windows, Apple OS, macOS, Linux etc.

Support for all Makes & Models:

Apple, Dell, Microsoft, HP, Seagate, Western Digital, Kingston, SanDisk etc.

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Deleted Files – It’s very easy to delete data from a computer, but not so easy to get it back

Windows Recovery

Formatted Drives/Partitions – Formatted a drive or partition by mistake? It’s easily done

How to recover deleted files from USB

Damaged, Broken or Unresponsive Hard Drives (Mechanical or SSD)

Memory Card & USB Recovery

Virus/Ransomware/Malware – The prevalence of these threats is growing at a rapid rate – Even the most security-conscious can fall victim

Accidental deletion of photographs, videos, databases, Office & business files and more

Broken and unresponsive device/system

‘Bricked’, unresponsive, stuck on the bootup screen or in an endless loop

Inaccessible due to a forgotten password or PIN code

Formatted – restored to factory settings

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The team did everything in its power to retrieve my data. The files had been overwritten, but they did everything possible and were so quick with the work. Highly recommended!
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