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Android devices have become as ubiquitous as the red buses sen around London. It is estimated that more than 2 billion smartphones and tablets running on the Android platform.


With the number of people having Android devices, one would think that the level of technical awareness about securing their phones or tablets is also high. On the contrary, there’s a growing number of people who don’t back up their files resulting to data loss.

Are you one of those Android users who’ve lost data? Fortunately for you, there are some Android data retrieval and recovery options that you can rely on to retrieve your files.

In this post, you’ll learn more about the top causes of Android data loss and the best way to avoid this and how to submit for our data recovery services to recover files on a damaged or corrupted Android device.

Top Causes of Android Data Loss

Many phone users, and not only Android device owners, are unaware of the risks of not backing up their phones. In fact, cybersecurity and antivirus firm Kaspersky says that only 50 percent of people back up their devices.

Android data loss is real and can happen anytime. Just because your Android phone is working well now doesn’t mean that your files stored on it are safe. Did you just download and install an app on your phone? You may not know it, but that app can cause data loss.

Phones and tablets running on old Android versions such as Jelly Bean are particularly at risk. Several years ago, security experts warned of bugs in the Android operating system which allows malicious apps to cause devices to crash and delete all stored data.

The researchers noted that two scenarios could happen if those malicious apps were launched on a smartphone. One is that the phone will constantly relaunch the app, or the app itself will trigger a continuous cycle of system restarts.

Malicious apps aren’t the only cause of data loss on Android devices. Upgrading to the latest Android version may also result in data loss.  Many Android users are naturally inclined to upgrade their devices to the latest Android version as they are curious about the latest Android offering. Moreover, most apps require the latest OS version.

However, there’s also the risk involved in upgrading to the latest OS version as this can lead to deletion of personal information especially if they don’t back up their data. When this happens, Android users are required to manually re-enter their data again.

Rooting is also another cause of Android data loss. Despite the pronounced risks of rooting, or removal of security restrictions on the operating system, many Android users still root their devices because they want to download certain apps. The major risk, though, is that rooting can lead to data loss.

Replacing the battery can also cause a loss of data on an Android device. When the battery of the phone or tablet is replaced, the device is restored to its original settings. This means that all information stored in the device, from files to personal customization, will be lost as well.

Of course, human error can also lead to Android data loss. Have you ever accidentally erased a file or video on your phone?  It happens. However, the good news is that you can still recover that file as well as other data on your Android phone or tablet without having to use potentially harmful third-party Android recovery tools.


While there are many software or apps advertised as being effective in recovering data stored on an Android device, you should be wary of installing much more using these on your phone or tablet.

One reason is that most of these tools require you to root your device to install them on your phone or tablet. As stated earlier, rooting an Android device can be very risky as it can lead to data loss.

Also, most Android recovery tools you can find online are not capable of retrieving information on a damaged Android device. If your phone has been damaged beyond repair, then you can’t rely on Android recovery apps to restore your files.

Moreover, you can’t be assured of the effectiveness of these data recovery tools. These programs may not be able to retrieve all the files that you lost.  You may read user reviews but are you basing your decision on the views of people you don’t know?

Finally, in case something happens to your Android device due to the installation or use of a data recovery program, who will you contact?

Lost Memories - Data Recovery

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Recovery options for deleted Android Data photos

Given the numerous risks involved in using a third-party Android recovery program or software, it pays to approach a reputable and legit data recovery firm such as Lost Memories Data Recovery UK.

With a long and successful track record of recovering data from mobile phones, tablets, and other storage media, the firm can assist you in recovering lost files from your Android phone or tablet.

Moreover, Lost Memories can retrieve other data that would be impossible for you to retrieve even with the use of third-party tools. Call logs and text messages can be retrieved by the mobile phone data recovery experts of Lost Memories. Browsing history, too, can be recovered from damaged or newly formatted Android devices.

Here’s a list of the other data that Lost Memories UK can help recover from your Android device:

Picture Messages
Multimedia – Images, Videos, Audio & Photographs
YouTube history and bookmarks
Google Maps
Apps like WhatsApp, Waze, Viber, and Facebook Messenger
Speed dials
User settings

Lost Memories also offers a free evaluation of damaged Android devices. You will not get charged until the data has been successfully retrieved from your phone.

Android data loss is a cause of concern for many people who use Google’s popular platform. If you’re one of them, then approach Lost Memories Data Recovery UK. The firm could be your best bet in recovering files on your damaged, formatted or unresponsive Android phone or tablet.

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