Advanced Data Recovery

Server, RAID Systems, PIN Protected, Secure Deletion, Chip-Off, ISP, eMMC & JTAG, Crypto Wallet Data Recovery

Lost Memories – Data Recovery can Recover Lost Data from almost any device.


Our Complex Recovery Techniques & Niche / Bespoke Services can be tailored to your exact requirements – We are able to assist either on-site or at our flagship lab – Data Recovery Stoke-on-Trent.


Free Evaluation – No Data, No Charge

If your Complex, Bespoke or Niche Data Recovery Service Requirement isn’t listed or you wish to ask for expert advice, then please contact us.

Advanced Data Recovery Services Offered

Have you been told your data is unrecoverable? Do you need a second opinion?

Lost Memories – Data Recovery have a vast amount of experience in recovering data from phones, systems, hard disks and storage devices that have been declared unrecoverable by other data recovery companies. Even mechanically failed hard disk drives (HDDs) discarded by others as unrecoverable have been recovered by our data recovery experts.


We are considered as the top specialists in our areas of expertise and recovering data from several devices, which includes external devices, RAID servers, laptops, Macs, PC’s as well as other removable devices. Having these years of experience in the data recovery sectors, we can provide you help anytime you wish for, especially in the high-risk field of advanced data recovery & recovering data from new and unsupported systems, which are inaccessible by others offering these services.

Password / PIN Decryption Services for both Phones and Computers

Damaged, Broken or Unresponsive Hard Drives (Mechanical or SSD)

Damaged, Broken or Unresponsive Memory Cards / USB Sticks

Secure Deletion of Data / Devices

RAID Recovery Services & Reconstruction

Virus/Ransomware/Malware – Data Recovery

Chip-Off, ISP, eMMC Direct & JTAG – Data Extraction & Recovery capabilities

Inaccessible Encrypted data due to a forgotten password, Phrase or PIN

Open Source Research – Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit etc.

Crypto (Wallet) Recovery

Lost Memories - Data Recovery

Advanced Data Recovery

Free Evaluation | No Data, No Charge

No Obligation Data Recovery Assessment

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Quality & Professional Service

Expedited Turnaround Times

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The team did everything in its power to retrieve my data. The files had been overwritten, but they did everything possible and were so quick with the work. Highly recommended!
Jennifer Moyes

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