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  Data recovery is one of those things you don’t know you need until the worst possible scenario happens.   You’re probably not aware that professional labs such as ours in Stoke-on-Trent, specialising in the recovery of data existed until something dreadful happened to your system or data.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about the recovery of data

Maybe you deleted a folder full of critical documents by mistake. Maybe your PC stopped booting and started giving you ominous errors with messages like “No Boot Device Found.” Maybe your USB external hard drive started making weird clicking or beeping noises or your NAS server suddenly stopped working. Whether you’re a home user who just lost the last few years’ worths of family photos or a small business owner who just lost your entire company’s shared folder (or maybe your server crashed and your whole business is currently dead in the water), you’re probably panicking and stressed out right now. How do we know this? Because we’ve been helping people like you since 2005 and we’ve seen just about every kind of client and every kind of data loss situation under the sun a dozen times over.  

What causes data loss?

There are many factors that contribute to data loss. Natural disaster, computer virus, data corruption, computer crime or human errors are examples that may result in the data loss. Typically, one of more of the following symptom may appear: BIOS could not detect the hard disk drive “Operating system not found” error Power surges result in “no disk drive found” error Strange clicking or grinding noises from hard disk drive No normal spinning action from disk drives Missing folders or files without reasons Accidental deletion, format or fdisk Natural disasters due to fire, water, crash Files and folders can not be accessed and more…  

How much does data recovery cost?

In order to keep our pricing as competitive as possible and to give you the best price/recovery ratio, we don’t generalise and treat each case individually. The first stage of the data recovery process is evaluation. This is done free of charge, from there a no-pressure, no-obligation quote is issued that once authorised the full data recovery operation can begin. Costs of recovery is driven by two main factors, primarily, the nature of the failure, and also the type & total storage capacity of the device. We’d love to give you a firm, exact price at the point of enquiry, or even before you even pick up the phone or send us an email. But the realities and complexities of the industry complicate matters. The cost of data recovery varies significantly from case to case. Not only are there many different types of devices – mobile phones, hard disk drives, solid-state drives, USB flash drives and SD cards, RAID arrays, etc.–but there are also many different reasons why you might need data recovered from any of these devices. The work that goes into these recoveries can vary significantly. How much is Data Recovery

How much work goes into data recovery?

Depending on your situation, you could be paying for mechanical engineers, some with over 10 years of in-lab, hands-on experience, or computer scientists who know more about the nitty-gritty details of complex RAID arrays, mobile phone chip architecture, file systems, and virtual machines than most people on the planet. You could be paying for forensic data recovery specialists to pore through your device with a fine-toothed comb. You could be paying for our technicians to invest significant R&D time into figuring out how to recover data from your device (it’s not common, but if your device is very new, it’s a possibility). You’re paying for these engineers’ time, labour, and skills.   If we could ascertain exactly what is wrong with your device just from you filling out a form on our website, it would make our jobs and your life a lot easier. Unfortunately, while we can give you an average price range for your situation and hopefully narrow it down a bit just from having a short email exchange or conversation, the only way to determine exactly how much work, time, and expertise we need to apply to your device to salvage your data from it is by taking a look at it inside our lab. So, to finally answer this question, we can’t tell you how much our data recovery services will cost until we’ve had a chance to take a look at your device and assess your specific needs in our lab. It’s not the answer we wish we could give you, but it’s the only way to give you a fair, reasonable answer. That’s why we offer our in-lab evaluations for free. The idea that you’d have to pay us just to learn how much our services cost has never sat right with us. Free Evaluation | No Data, No Charge – For all of our Data Recovery Services

How long does it take to recover my data?

Once the data is verified as recoverable, we will turnaround your data in 5 working days typically. If you require a quicker service, please ask us. We will do our utmost to accommodate your needs.   Some important factors affecting turnaround  times relating to mechanical hard disk drives are: Whether the disk is spinning or not (an indication of electronic failure) Whether the disk is making ‘clicking’ noises (an indication of mechanical failure) In both of the above cases, replacement parts will be needed to get the drive into a readable state. Sourcing parts can be difficult and time-consuming. Through our global network of parts providers, we can on occasion source the correct parts within 2-3 working days. Disruption to air travel schedules may delay parts in some cases.  

Does recovering a small amount of data cost the same as recovering a large amount of data?

This is a very common question. Some of our customers only have a few gigabytes of data that really matter to them, or they might have just a single folder or a single file they really care about. Other customers might have a hard drive that has reached capacity with two terabytes of data that they really need back. Is there a difference between how much it with cost both of these types of customers? There isn’t.

Recovering a small amount of data and recovering a large amount of data costs the same

The cost of data recovery doesn’t change depending on how much data you need us to retrieve because how much data there is on your device–or how much of it you actually want back–doesn’t have any meaningful effect on the amount of work our specialists have to do to get your data back. And that, as we’ve discussed already, is the bulk of what determines the cost of data recovery. Due to the fragmentation of files, the data recovery process involves scanning the entire disk space in order to find all data fragments before specific files and folders can be identified. This means that the recovery process duration (and cost) is directly linked to the total capacity of the drive in all cases. The fact of the matter is, our entire goal is to get your device up and running long enough for us to extract the data from it. Once we’ve gained access to your device, the only thing the amount of data on your device affects is how long it might take to salvage everything.

Does placing a faulty hard drive in a freezer work to facilitate recovery?

Not in our considerable experience. This is an old myth which if anything, can cause moisture ingression which can compound the problem. Our advice – don’t do it! It might only further damage the chances of a successful recovery.

How do I get my data back?

With all of the questions about pricing and the process out of the way, the next question on your mind is probably, “What happens next?” So we’ve successfully recovered your data, we’ve billed you for our services, and now it’s time to reunite you with all those files you’ve been missing. What is the process for that? Once we’ve charged you for our successful work (remember, if we don’t get your data back, we don’t charge you anything), dependant on size and urgency the data we’ve recovered gets put on a new, healthy storage device and shipped back to you or for expedited cases we have secure facilities to encrypt the data and allow you to access digitally / instantly.

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