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Almost everyone owns a mobile phone these days. In 2019, it is expected that 4.7 billion out of the projected 7.7-billion worldwide population would own a mobile phone handset. In the United Kingdom, 9 out of 10 British adults already own one. These details illustrate how indispensable mobile phones have become in this day and age.


Mobile phones are not only useful for communicating with other people or getting the latest information such as news and updates on social media platforms. Its use goes beyond entertainment in the form of video and music streaming as well as online games. Mobile phones are also important in law enforcement, and the criminal justice system as these devices can provide unique, factual information that can help in solving crimes.


Mobile phone forensics and analysis, defined as a form of digital data gathering for the purposes of presenting legal evidence, is very important for investigators today. It gives them a reliable and accurate way of collecting criminal evidence from digital footprint or information left on digital devices like mobile phones. Mobile phone forensics investigators mainly work on extracting deleted mobile phone files and data for gathering criminal evidence.


Different Types of Mobile Phone Forensic Acquisition Methods

Mobile Phone Forensics, from analysing maps to recovering deleted text messages, we will help you uncover crucial phone evidence.

Mobile phone forensics & extraction is a process that can be broken down into different categories. First, the mobile phone is seized then materials such as memory cards are retrieved to acquire data. Third, the acquired data are examined and analysed.

Mobile phone forensics has become more prevalent, with smartphone devices increasing in performance, data storage capacity and overall capabilities. Operating across the UK, Ireland and internationally, our digital forensic investigators are specialists in mobile phone investigations. We preserve, extract, analyse and report the electronic data retrieved from mobile devices for use in criminal, civil, corporate and legal aid matters.

Following strict forensic methodology on every investigation undertaken and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) guidelines, ensures that any extracted data is forensically sound and can be used as admissible evidence in legal proceedings.

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Data acquisition and examination can also be categorised into various types such as:

Manual acquisition.

The investigator examines a mobile device and investigates its contents by utilising the user interface. In this stage, the phone is working or operational with the investigator taking photos or notes of the phone’s contents whilst following the core principals of mobile phone forensics.

Logical acquisition.

In this stage, the investigator looks into the directories and files residing on the storage of the mobile device. Typically, the examiner uses specialist forensically sound mobile phone forensics tools to extract and organise information derived from the device.

File system acquisition.

Investigators use specialised mobile phone forensics systems and processes to recover deleted information on a mobile phone. Android and iOS phones, in particular, have a database file of deleted information that can be retrieved and made available for later overwriting.

Physical acquisition.

This implies duplication of the entire physical storage such as memory card or flash memory. Often in Mobile phone forensics, this is called a bit for bit copy and is used for best evidence.

Advanced PIN Decryption (iOS & Android) / Bruteforce acquisition.

As the name suggests, this is a type of data acquisition wherein brute force is used to unlock a mobile phone. The mobile phone forensics examiner usually relies on a brute force (trial and error) or dictionary attack methods wherein passcodes or passwords are sent to the mobile device in an attempt to get the right password. Once the password is cracked, then the mobile device can be further examined for forensic investigation using other mobile phone forensics methods as detailed above.

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Types of Data Collected from Mobile Devices using Mobile Phone Forensics

For many people, mobile phones are indispensable in their daily lives. And it is easy to understand why given the many uses of this type of electronic device. From making phone calls to sending text messages to receiving emails and posting to social media sites, mobile phones have more uses than the typical Swiss knife.

Smartphones have also made the desktop PC dispensable for some people. After all, a person doesn’t have to open a PC to search for something on Google. They can do that on their smartphones. Moreover, smartphones can help them find their way using apps like Waze. These are scenarios that illustrate how important these mobile devices are for people, and how powerful or reliable these are as sources for evidence for the authorities when using expert mobile phone forensics correctly.

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Given that mobile phones have become the primary source of information and entertainment for many people, it is understandable that these electronic devices can yield through mobile phone forensics a wealth of information such as:


Call data records. The service providers usually rely on call detail records in improving their network performance. But for investigators, call detail records can yield useful information such as the time a particular call started and ended. It can also reveal who made the call and who was called, as well as the call time duration and whether the call was incoming or outgoing.

Global Positioning System Data. This is considered one of the best sources of empirical evidence. With GPS, a suspect can be identified particularly his location during the time the criminal act was committed. GPS can also locate and reveal the movements of the suspect from the time the crime was committed to the time he went to a hideout. GPS can also be useful in finding call logs, SMS messages and images.

Text messages. Through SMS, electronic records of conversations can be presented in court as evidence. Some relevant information that may come from text messages includes phone numbers of the sender and receiver and the date and time of the messages.

WiFi history. This can also help in establishing the location of the suspect during the time that the crime was committed.

Social media history. Records of social media interactions such as instant messenger conversations can help in establishing the motive of the suspect in a criminal case.


In short, mobile phones can reveal a lot of information that may be presented as irrefutable evidence in Court by one of our Mobile Phone Forensics expert witnesses.


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Binary Forensics- Digital Forensic Expert Witness Services

Given the importance of mobile phone forensic evidence in the pursuit of justice as well as the complexity of retrieving, gathering, and analysing valuable information from mobile phones, it pays to partner with a reputable digital forensics firm who can provide expert mobile phone forensics services.

Binary Forensics – The Digital Forensic Experts is one of the top digital forensics experts in the UK, providing digital forensic expert witness services. It specialises in extracting and recovering lost files from mobile phones and tablets in addition to other portable digital devices using best in class Mobile Phone Forensics methods.

The company can also add another dimension to an investigation with its services such as digital evidence data gathering, critical examination or even second opinion on presented digital evidence. Manned by experts in digital forensics, the company can help you in uncovering potential sources of evidence that can pin down a suspect in a criminal case.

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How can Forensics help?

Mobile Phone Forensics
Extracting & Analysing Evidential Material from Mobile Handsets

Technological advances over recent years have transformed the mobile telephone into a pocket-sized computer, capable of browsing the internet, accessing apps and sending and replying to emails — as well as making and receiving voice calls.

And as most people carry a handheld computer with them wherever they go, a mobile phone forensic examination will often reveal crucial digital evidence for criminal or civil investigations.

From analysing bills to recovering deleted messages, mobile phone forensics often reveals more of the mystery than you would expect, allowing you to discover important details about relationships, intentions and actions.

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Recoverable artefacts using forensic techniques 

Our digital forensic experts often recover & examine:
• Deleted text messages
• Call logs
• Social media activity
• Internet activity
• Documents
• Maps & GPS location
• Emails
• Images


We serve the following Sectors for Mobile Phone Forensics, for further details contact our Mobile Phone Forensics team:


Criminal Defence Solicitors

When working with Defence Solicitors & Barristers whose clients are facing investigation or prosecution for a criminal offence, our Mobile Phone Forensics experts will independently re-examine the defendant’s mobile device, review the prosecution evidence, challenging any points in question while producing our own independent Court ready report and answer any specific questions raised.

We welcome Legal Aid Agency funded cases and are experienced in working within legal aid cost guidelines.


Corporate & Business Sectors

Binary Forensics deliver investigative services, along with advice and guidance to both Large and small businesses that need to conduct internal investigations into misuse of company data or computers, IP theft and HR issues.

We are happy to support businesses to ensure that the correct procedures are followed to ensure that any findings can be used in court or a tribunal.


Law Enforcement

We undertake a significant number of specialised cases for Government Agencies and Police forces. We are known for fast turnaround times and the quality of our work. Binary Forensics can undertake all volumes of work, from single exhibits to large batches or highly complex examinations.

Highly experienced in assisting Hi-Tech Crime Units (HTCU) manage fluctuations in current workloads and historic backlogs.

Reasons for choosing us:
Fixed Prices: Guarantee no increased or additional costs, and that you get Value for Money.
Fast turnaround times for single or batched exhibits.
The ability to prioritise exhibits at no extra cost.
Customised statements and reports to meet your requirements.
In House forensic data recovery specialists.
Experience of working on individual exhibits or large numbers under framework agreements.
Committed to providing a quality service.


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