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In the not too distant past, criminal cases were solved mainly through the presentation of physical and tangible evidence such as blood stains, gloves, and knives. In today’s digital age, however, more and more criminals are being convicted because of electronic evidence ranging from images, videos, downloaded files and browsing history. This can be attributed to the continued growth in the field of computer forensic evidence.

What is Computer Forensic Analysis?

Computer Forensic Analysis is the practice of recovering, analysing, and presenting information stored in computers, storage servers, and external hard drives. It is one of the four major branches of digital forensics, which is the field of study concerning the recovery, analysis, and presentation of information stored in digital devices.

The three other branches of digital forensics are mobile phone forensics which involves the systematic retrieval and examination of data stored on mobile phone handsets and accessories such as memory cards and SIM cards; network forensics which tracks and analyses traffic on computer networks such as the Internet; and database forensics which pertains to the analysis of databases for incidents like security attacks.

Law Enforcement Agencies within the USA were one of the first users of computer based evidence. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), for one, taps IT experts to recover and analyse data in their investigations of crimes ranging from bank fraud, espionage, and hacking. It is known that the FBI treats computer data forensics as a standard tool or platform for crime investigation.

However, commercial organisations have also been utilising computer forensic experts in assisting them in investigating cases such as forgeries, fraud, employment disputes, industrial espionage, intellectual property theft, bankruptcy, inappropriate use of email and internet in the workplace, and for regulatory compliance.

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Types of Data Collected from Computers for Forensic Analysis

The services we provide are comprehensive – including forensic analysis supporting investigations into the following:

Indecent Images / Grooming
Media Files
Internet History
Instant Messaging (IM) Chat Programs
IM Chat Web Pages
Linking physical media to computers/laptops

Alternate Data Streams (ADS)
Remote Desktop

Locating files used in/storing data on fraudulent activity
Software/hardware relating to fraudulent application

Hidden Files
Altered file extensions
Files within files (ADS)

File activity
Internet activity

Possibility of virus being capable of performing malicious actions
Investigation of a Virus potentially being planted for the use as of an Alibi

Deleted/altered data
Stealing data
Viewing data

Editing EXIF information
Altering image content

Chat logs
Voice chat logs

Document Validation
Validity of documents and Validation of document timings (creation, access & modified)
Where were they created?

Factors behind the Growth of Computer Forensic led Investigations

Computers have become a familiar fixture in homes and offices worldwide. Latest studies show that more than 3 billion people worldwide are connected to the Internet through their computers. And more than 80 percent of households in the United Kingdom have at least one computer. These facts show how widely used computers are, and how these electronic devices can be the storage point of information that can be useful in the investigation of a crime.

Aside from the fact that computers have become an indispensable part of the lives of many people around the world, there’s another reason why computer-based evidence has been playing an important role in many cases today.

Digital devices like computers, memory cards, and hard drives provide honest, factual and objective information. In short, the information that comes from these devices doesn’t lie. Small details such as Google searches, text messages, and call logs can prove to be the missing piece of the so-called puzzle in as far as solving a crime. We are at the forefront in looking to the future of digital forensics and investigations with our computer expert witness services.


High-profile Cases Solved through Computer Forensic Evidence

There have been several high-profile cases solved through the help of computer forensic evidence. Perhaps the most famous of these cases is the one involving the lethal prescriptions of Dr. Conrad Murray to music superstar Michael Jackson. After Jackson’s sudden death in 2009, autopsy report indicated that his death was due to him taking prescription drugs.

Soon, investigators discovered information from Dr. Murray’s computer indicating that he authorised the late star’s illegal use of prescription drugs. Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. He lost his medical license and served two years in prison.

Almost a decade earlier, US firm Enron declared bankruptcy and left hundreds of employees jobless. Some executives, however, appeared to have benefited from the collapse of the company. The US Congress investigated the Enron bankruptcy after allegations of corporate misconduct emerged. Much of the investigation of the US Congress relied on computer files. In fact, a special force was tasked to search through the computers of Enron employees using computer forensic analysis or big data forensics.

There are many other cases wherein digital footprint led authorities to identify the criminals and bring them to justice.

Binary Forensics – Digital Forensic Experts

Computer forensic techniques will continue to become more advanced in the next few years. It will further become an integral part in investigations and resolution of cases.

One of the best firms offering computer forensic evidence services impartially for both Prosecution and Defence Instruction is Binary Forensics – Digital Forensic Experts, the parent company of Lost Memories Data Recovery UK. The firm provides digital forensic expert witness services to parties in need of digital evidence, we cover all areas of computer forensics.

Binary Forensics-Digital Forensics offers examination and retrieval of data from mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other digital devices. It can also give computer forensics, cell site analysis, drone forensics, and even more advanced approaches such as facial recognition, digital image analysis, communication analysis, and game console forensics, among others.

Binary Forensics-Digital Forensics has a pool of digital forensics specialists and experts capable of providing comprehensive digital forensics witness service. The firm also has the processes and expertise in gathering, analysing, and contextualising evidence or information carried by a digital fingerprint.

The company aids not only law enforcement agencies in recovering and analysing lost data. It can also be of help to businesses and private individuals who want to get to the bottom of a case by uncovering information stored on computers, hard drives, and other similar media.

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“That is a great result and the injured parties in this case are very pleased. Once again ******* many thanks for the crucial work you carried out on breaking into the phone for us and the clear evidence you provided at *********** Crown Court during the trial. “ UK Police Force

Detective Constable (DC), Digital Forensics

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