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In the past, criminal cases were solved mainly through the presentation of physical and tangible evidence such as blood stains, gloves, and knives.

In today’s digital age, however, more and more criminals are being convicted because of electronic evidence ranging from images, videos, downloaded files and browsing history.

Digital devices such as phones, tablets, and computers have become an integral part of the lives of billions of people around the world. These electronic products can be left with a digital footprint that can aid investigators in solving crimes and bringing criminals to justice.

Digital forensic investigations, has indeed changed the landscape of the criminal justice system (CJS).

Binary Forensics brings together leading-edge Digital Forensic Experts & Specialists in all areas of Digital Forensic examinations to provide a comprehensive and complete Digital Forensic Expert Witness Service. We work with all sectors and have over the years been involved in thousands of cases, including numerous extremely high profile cases. Full confidentiality and discretion is maintained throughout any Digital Forensic Investigation, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) can be signed where required.

Any members of Binary Forensics working on, handling or assisting in any Digital Forensic Investigation are Security Vetted to NPPV Level 3  SC (Non-Police Personnel Vetting, Security Cleared: Unsupervised Access – Protectively marked Assets up to SECRET).

Our Team have setup UKAS Accredited ISO 17025 Laboratories relating to both Computer Forensics and Mobile Phone Forensics. Binary Forensics offer full Digital Forensic Expert Witness Services throughout the UK

Our Experts have worked on thousands of Cases over the Years within the Criminal Justice System, both working with the Prosecution (Law Enforcement & CPS) and Defence (Legal  / Law Firms & LAA) for a wholly impartial approach to any investigation.

We work to the Association of Chief Police Officers’ “Good Practice Guide for Digital Evidence” and Part 35 of the Civil Procedure rules ensuring admissibility in court and tribunal proceedings.

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Our Mobile Phone Data Recovery Service is one of our most commonly requested technical offerings. Be it so we can carry out the recovery of deleted photographs from mobile phones, to water damaged or smashed and unresponsive devices (phones & tablets). Every single mobile phone data recovery submission is treated on a case by case basis no matter if it’s an iPhone, Samsung, Huawei or even an uncommon UK brand, as no one phone is identical. Submit your mobile phone handset for a free of charge assessment.
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Our Computer Data Recovery Services can involve the submission and subsequent recovery of deleted data for a variety of computer styles such as a PC, workstation, tower, laptop or Apple Mac Device for our Computer Data Recovery Services. For the more technically savvy user of our data recovery services, if viable the internal Hard Disk Drive can be sent in for our Hard Drive Data Recovery Services. The quantity of data saved daily to our computers, means it’s disastrous if the worst should happen and there is no backup of the data required. If you are using an external hard drive and it has suddenly become unreadable, unrecognised or clicking, then all is not lost as our experts can carry out Hard Drive Repair Services in order to get the hard drive into a working condition in order to clone the data, recover any deleted files if required and have it ready for prompt return. Submit your computer or hard drive for a free of charge assessment.
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Our Memory Card Data Recovery Services are used on a daily basis by both private clients and businesses alike. Often they are submitted for our Memory Card Data Recovery Services following the corruption or accidental deletion of family, wedding or children’s photographs from a digital camera, with it being the only copy. The errors that can cause data loss or access from a memory card can either by software or hardware based; no matter the problems encountered we will be able to assist and advise. Even physically damaged Micro SD, SD, CF Memory cards that have been damaged or snapped can on occasion be fully recovered. Submit your memory card for a free of charge data recovery assessment.

Digital Forensic Analysis

For the past few years and going forwards, Digital Forensic techniques will only ever get more advanced and are often the key part of the evidence in the majority of Investigations & Cases.  Our Team will always go above and beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs.

Through open communication and exceptional service, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for with our Digital Forensic Expert Witness Services.

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Digital Forensic analysis and in particular the Digital Forensic Expert Witness Services offered by Binary Forensics adds a whole dimension to any investigation no matter the size as part of a Digital Evidence gathering task, Critical Review of Digital Evidence or simply a second opinion on the presented facts. The industry-leading Digital Forensic expertise offered by Binary Forensics will help you to investigate potential sources of evidence that even the most technically savvy or sophisticated persons will (often unknowingly) leave in their wake.

Digital forensic analysis is the process of retrieving and analysing data from any digital device to unveil the truth and solve a crime. It involves the retrieval, preservation, and recording of information from a digital device such as a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop, and a hard drive.

Given their proliferation, digital devices have more become vital in criminal investigations. It is said that more than 9 out of 10 British adults own a Mobile Phone. British teenagers and young adults, who are considered digital natives, are even more reliant on digital devices. The younger members of society not only text but also tweet and share whatever they do on their social media accounts.

All information left on these digital items, called digital footprint, can come in handy when investigating a crime or trying to pin down the perpetrators of a criminal act. Details such as locations, times, and dates can aid investigators in uncovering the truth.

 What is a Digital Forensic Expert Witness


Unbiased, Impartial & Objective Viewpoint

 Aside from the fact that digital media has become such an indispensable part in the lives of many people around the world, there’s another reason why digital device forensics has been playing an important role in many cases today.

Digital devices like phones, tablets, and hard drives provide an honest, objective viewpoint. In short, the information that comes from these devices doesn’t lie. Small details such as Google searches, text messages, and call logs can prove to be the missing piece of the so-called puzzle in as far as solving a crime.

There have been a large number of high-profile cases both in the UK and Worldwide which have been solved through the help of digital forensic experts. Perhaps the most famous of these cases is the one involving the lethal prescriptions of Dr. Conrad Murray to music superstar Michael Jackson. After Jackson’s sudden death in 2009, autopsy report indicated that his death was due to him taking prescription drugs.

Soon, investigators discovered information from Dr. Murray’s computer indicating that he authorised the late star’s illegal use of prescription drugs. Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. He lost his medical license and served two years in prison.

There are many other cases wherein digital footprint led authorities to identify the criminals and bring them to justice.


 A Quality Approach to Forensics & Digital Examinations

 Digital forensic science is a vast and continuously growing field. As more and more gadgets and electronic devices are introduced to and harnessed by people in their everyday lives, the list of popular approaches to it also continues to grow.

The following are some of the more popular overarching core digital forensic disciplines:


Computer Forensics

In computer forensics, information from computers, memory cards, storage servers, and external hard are recovered and examined to establish factual information. Data may range from deleted files like documents, videos, and images to communication data such as emails, Facebook messages, and Skype calls.

Even documents accessed and files transferred can establish factual information that may help in resolving a case. The same can be said of operating system data like system logs, databases and image thumbnails as well as Internet artefacts including user account information, downloaded data and browsing history.

Binary Forensics offers a comprehensive range of services for the analysis and reporting of Digital Forensic evidence for any Criminal based Investigation. Nowadays the broadness of digital sources we analyse is continually growing and includes the below.


Mobile Phone Forensics

Another type of digital forensic evidence that’s been widely accepted in the criminal justice system is mobile phone analysis. This involves the systematic retrieval and examination of data stored on mobile phone handsets and accessories such as memory cards and SIM cards.

Data from mobile phone handsets range from text and MMS messages, call logs, instant messaging, emails, images, videos, and music, among others. Even the browsing history of a smartphone can yield important information that can aid in solving a case.


Cell-Site Analysis

This process involves the placement of a mobile device in a particular location at a given date and time. Evidence garnered from the mobile device can give important information such as call logs and SMS events that may lead to the solving of a case.


Drone Forensics

Unmanned aerial vehicles like drones and quadcopters can be used to recover information such as videos, audio, images, journeys, and routes. As the prices of drones and quadcopters have fallen, these aerial vehicles have also been used in criminal activities like shipping prohibited drugs and conducting unauthorized air incursions.

This process involves the placement of a mobile device in a particular location at a given date and time. Evidence garnered from the mobile device can give important information such as call logs and SMS events that may lead to the solving of a case.

Digital Forensic Expert Witness Services offered


Mobile Phone Forensics

Computer Forensics

Chip-off Forensic extraction & analysis

In System Programming (ISP) Forensic extraction & analysis

JTAG Forensic extraction & analysis

Cell-Site Analysis

Communication Analysis

Device and Data Attribution

Drone Forensics

Sat Nav, GPS & Tracker Forensic Analysis

CCTV and Video Analysis and Presentation

Digital Image Analysis

Facial Recognition

Audio Analysis

Game Console Forensics

There are of course many other potential sources of critical digital evidence we can analyse – essentially utilising our advanced Digital Forensic techniques and expertise any accessible device or evidence which carries a digital ‘fingerprint’ can be analysed by Binary Forensics – Digital Forensic Experts in order to provide robust evidence or a critical review or second opinion of any presented Digital Forensic Evidence.

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Our Head Office and main Flagship Digital Forensic Laboratory are located in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK

Binary Forensics – Digital Forensic Experts

Forensics in data will continue to become more advanced in the next few years. It will further become an integral part in investigations and resolution of cases.

One of the best firms offering these services in the UK is Binary Forensics – Digital Forensic Experts, the parent company of Lost Memories Data Recovery. We provide digital forensic expert witness services to parties in need of digital evidence.

Binary Forensics-Digital Forensic Experts offers examination and retrieval of data from mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other digital devices. It can also give computer forensics, cell site analysis, drone forensics, and even more advanced approaches such as facial recognition, digital image analysis, communication analysis, and game console forensics, among others.

Binary Forensics employs a highly competent pool of specialists and experts capable of providing comprehensive digital forensic expert witness services. The firm also has the processes and expertise in gathering, analysing, and contextualising evidence or information carried by a digital fingerprint.

The development of digital forensic science is a boon to the criminal justice system. The digital footprint can give the authorities the details they need to solve a crime and give justice to victims to further expand their services given the high value of digital evidence.

What is the role of digital forensics in the Criminal Justice System?

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