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Police suspend work with major forensics firm after cyber-attack

Police have halted all work with the UK’s largest private forensics provider after a ransomware attack, in the latest crisis to hit the forensics sector Police have suspended work with the UK's biggest private forensic company following a cyber-attack on the firm. The...

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Backlog of devices awaiting police digital forensic analysis leaves trials facing collapse

Extra attention is being paid to studying digital devices following recent disclosure scandals A backlog of mobile phones and computers awaiting Digital Forensic analysis threatens to undermine cases for police forces already under pressure over the evidence...

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£2.7billion needed to fight organised crime gangs and the worst paedophiles operating on the dark web

The number of paedophiles operating on the dark web and organised crime gangs is more than twice the strength of the British Army, figures reveal. There are more than 180,000 offenders linked to serious and organised crime in the UK and law enforcement needs billions...

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Google Is Making Android As Difficult To Investigate As iPhones

Apple makes the most secure phones in the world. At least, that’s the common misassumption when it comes to Mobile Phone Forensics Android phones have been getting more secure thanks to Google updates, which may soon not be accessible to Huawei phone customers. But...

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Facebook’s Privacy Manifesto: What Does It Mean For Digital Forensic Investigations?

Mark Zuckerberg’s new “privacy manifesto” for Facebook marks not just a pivot in terms of how the social network shapes modern-day communication. It also marks what The Verge’s Casey Newton called “the end of the News Feed era.” , but what does it mean for Digital...

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How Digital Forensics Software Is Bringing ‘CSI’-Type Work to Real Life

Almost all crime is committed with some level of digital involvement, and most criminals have digital devices Whether it’s Google Maps data or a messaging app like WhatsApp — and leave digital clues. As mobile phones continue to evolve to hold more data, support a...

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