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Expert Witness in Satoshi Case Claims Dr Wright’s Documents Were Doctored

Digital Forensics used in Bitcoin investigation The Kleiman v. Wright case continues this week and a slew of new evidence has been submitted to the Southern District of Florida courthouse. A supplemental affidavit stemming from the Kleiman estate’s expert witness, Dr....

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Digital Forensics Roundup: Image Recognition And Categorisation

The need for image recognition and categorization has never been more in demand by Christa Miller, Forensic Focus This is thanks to the spread of extremist propaganda, child sexual abuse material (CSAM) / Indecent Images of Children (IIOC), and other illicit activity...

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Fighting Crime With Data: Law Enforcement In The 21st Century

Law enforcement investigations have long been influenced by developments in technology; after all, new technologies create new ways for criminals to profit and new sources of evidence. by Paul Hamrick, Nuix Law enforcement needs to keep up with the times, dealing with...

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How Can AI & Machine Learning Contribute To Digital Forensics?

Algorithms already play a significant role in helping digital forensics investigators analyze the vast amount of data that is created by mobile devices and stored on the cloud. Like many industries, demand outstrips supply when it comes to qualified, trained...

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